The total tuition for the M.Sc. Degree is 5,125 Euros. The total tuition for the Ph.D. degree varies, depending on the duration of studies and the courses taken. In particular, each regular course is charged 427 Euros, and the four compulsory research stage courses are charged 854 Euros each. Each subsequent semester (dissertation writing stage) is charged 170 Euros.

The Department offers ample opportunities for paid participation in teaching and research activities to its Ph.D. students (and often to full-time M.Sc. students). The Ph.D. students of the Department may request partial refund of the tuition that they have paid during the previous academic year. Full-time Ph.D. students are entitled to a return of up to 80% of the total tuition amount, whereas part-time Ph.D. students are entitled to a return of up to 40% of the total amount. This refund is subject to the availability of sufficient Departmental funds and satisfactory academic progress of the student, which should be documented in the student's refund application. Please note that the refund amount that the student is entitled to corresponds only to the fees paid in time.

More information about tuition at UCY and funding opportunities outside the ECE Department is available at the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Services.