Ph.D Programs
The Department currently offers two degrees at the Ph.D. level, one in Electrical Engineering and one in Computer Engineering. Both programs are based on the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) and require the completion of at least 240 ECTS units, including postgraduate level courses and research work.

The 240 ECTS units are distributed as follows:
Students must select all courses in consultation with their Academic Advisor/Research Supervisor. 16 ECTS units, out of the 56 ECTS units for courses, can be replaced by directed study courses. Holders of M.Sc. degrees or equivalent may be partially exempted from the postgraduate courses requirement (up to 32 ECTS units). This can be requested in consultation with the student's Academic Advisor/Research Supervisor and is subject to approval by the Department Council. It is possible for the student to enroll in postgraduate courses offered by another department from the University of Cyprus or any other accredited university. ECTS units from such courses may be accepted as part of the requirements of the Ph.D. degree. Units outside the Department are approved by the Postgraduate Studies Committee, and are not to exceed 18 ECTS units unless approved by the Department Council. For students who completed postgraduate level courses in other postgraduate programs, at most 18 ECTS units from these courses can count towards the 56 ECTS units for postgraduate coursework, after approval by the Postgraduate Studies Committee.

The 180 ECTS units requirement for the dissertation research can be fulfilled by taking Ph.D. research stages, and Ph.D. research courses and/or Ph.D. writing stages. The Ph.D. research stages ECE 761-764 are compulsory for all Ph.D. students and can only be taken one-by-one per semester, for four consecutive semesters. The research stage courses ECE 765-768 are optional and can be taken in parallel with other postgraduate courses. If, after completing all research stages, the student has not defended his/her doctoral dissertation, then he/she is required to sign up for Ph.D. writing stages.

In addition to the coursework and the dissertation research, each student must pass the Ph.D. Qualifying Examination during the first five semesters of the program, complete at least one semester of Teaching Assistantship, and attend the postgraduate seminars for at least three semesters or for a total of 25 presentations (this includes at least one presentation by the student). For M.S. or M.Eng. holders from the University Cyprus or another University, the required number is equal to 15 presentations. For more information on the Ph.D. programs of the department, consult the Postgraduate Studies Guide.