Course Number Courses Title
ECE 100 Capstone Design Course I and II
ECE 101 Introduction to Design and Engineering Lab
ECE 102  Electrical Circuits and Networks
ECE 105 Engineering Analysis and Modeling
ECE 202  Electronic Device Principles and Circuit Modeling
ECE 203 Circuits and Measurements Lab
ECE 205 Electronic Devices and Circuits I
ECE 210 Digital Logic Design
ECE 211  Digital Systems Lab
ECE 212  Computer Organization and Microprocessors
ECE 213 Computer Organization and Microprocessors Lab
ECE 220  Signals and Systems I
ECE 221 Signals and Systems For Computer Engineers
ECE 224  Introduction to Random Signals and Systems
ECE 401/2  Capstone Design Project I and II
ECE 403/4 Capstone Design Course I and II