Course  Number Course Title
ECE 406  Digital VLSI Circuit Design
ECE 407  Computer Aided Design for VLSI
ECE 408  Digital Design with FPGA
ECE 409 Computer Architecture II
ECE 417  Distributed Systems
ECE 421  Introduction to Computational Intelligence
ECE 424  Fault Tolerant Systems
ECE 425  Introduction to Robotics
ECE 428  Control Systems Laboratory
ECE 429  Digital Signal Processing
ECE 435  Optical Engineering and Photonics Laboratory
ECE 438  Microwave and Radio-Frequency Circuits
ECE 441  Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ECE 442  Power System Analysis
ECE 444  Power Electronics
ECE 445 Power Systems: Generation and Control
ECE 447  Renewable Sources of Energy: Photovoltaics
ECE 448  Advanced Electric Machines
ECE 453  Wireless Telecommunication Networks
ECE 455  Fiber Optic Communication Systems and Networks
ECE 457 Computer System and Network Security
ECE 471  Neurophysiology and Senses
ECE 473 Instrumentation and Sensors
ECE 476 Biomedical Imaging
ECE 477 Biomedical Optics
ECE 478  Digital Image Processing
ECE 480  Brain Computer Interface
ECE 499  Special Topics