All EE and CE students are required to complete the capstone design course (ECE 403/404) except those that are eligible and elect to register for the senior design project (see next). This course which spans across two semesters (two courses) introduces the principles of project planning, organization, implementation, verification and evaluation. Through an implementation of a capstone project, students will apply the principles and practices they have learned through their studies. The course encapsulates an array of learning outcomes related to project management, such as capturing requirements and specifications, strategic decision making and planning, implementation methodologies and models (waterfall model, data-flow model, finite state machines, etc.), evaluation strategies, testing and verification methodologies, and other concepts. Furthermore, students will learn principles of time-planning and organization, independent learning techniques and collaboration and cooperation strategies through teamwork. Through project deliverables, students will learn project report writing strategies, exploitation and dissemination of results, presentation and outreach activities for future exploitation. The course features a selection of predetermined capstone projects, which will be given annually in collaboration by the Department council and the course instructor(s), and will cover an array of topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering.