The aim of the department is to advance economics at the national and international level. In particular, the objectives of the Department are as follows:

  • Equip students with qualifications that make them attractive to employers in Cyprus and comparable to those of the best universities abroad.
  • Engage in research with a view to producing results of high academic standards.
  • Set the standards for the discussion of economic issues and appropriate economic policy decisions in Cyprus.

The Department's teaching philosophy is to encourage students to study economic issues in depth and with independence of mind. For this reason the emphasis in the teaching program is to help students develop strong analytical skills and acquire the ability to critically assess economic arguments. We pursue these objectives through a rigorous teaching program covering mainstream subjects based on contemporary methods of economic analysis.

The teaching and research program of the Department is also concerned with economic issues of interest to Cyprus. The objective is to provide a constructive framework for scientific investigation of such problems. We believe that a high international profile of the Department will contribute to resolving local problems. The Department aims at becoming a centre for thorough study of economic issues concerning Cyprus -- a centre that will provide results that may serve the Government and other local institutions to reach appropriate economic policy decisions.