The program is well suited for students with strong background in economics and/or quantitative methods. The aim of the program is to produce strong graduates able to apply advanced analytical techniques of modern finance and economics in industry and to conduct quality research. Graduates may follow career paths in banking and financial institutions that demand high analytical financial, economics and econometrics skills.
The program is also suited for students who wish to continue their graduate studies into PhD programs in Economics or in Finance.
1st semester
ECO 601 Microeconomic Analysis I (7,5 Ects)
ECO 603 Statistics and Econometrics I (7,5 Ects)
AFN 521 Financial Theory (7 Ects)
AFN 525 Options and Futures (7 Ects)
2nd semester
ECO 653 Statistics and Econometrics II (ECO 603 - 7,5 Ects)
ECO 680 Applied Financial Econometrics (7,5 Ects)
AFN 526 Financial Analysis and Capital Market Research (7 Ects)
AFN 528 Advanced Capital Budgeting (6 Ects)
AFN 542 Seminar Series (3 Ects)
3rd semester
ECO 602 Macroeconomic Analysis I (7,5 Ects)
AFN 522 Investments (7 Ects)
ECO or AFN Master Thesis (15.5 Ects)
Note: The courses in brackets are prerequisites