To graduate in Economics students must complete at least 240* ECTS. In addition, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

1. At least 150 ects must be in the Department of Economics (courses with code ECO) and concern compulsory ECO courses and restricted elective ECO courses.
2. At least 32 ects must come from a list of restricted elective courses approved by the Department from other Department or the Department of Economics (in addition to those included in the 150 ECTS mentioned in (a) above.
3. At least 20 ects must be elective courses taken from at least three different faculties of the University.
4. Students are entitled to attend ONLY two Sport courses (total 6 ects) which will count as one elective course.
18 ects from the courses MAS 001, MAS 061 and CS 003, which the students attend during their first year of studies
5. 15 ects must be from the English Language
* The sum of the minimum ects of requirements 1-5 is 235 ects. Therefore, one more course would have to be taken from requirements 1-3 to complete at least 240 ects that are required for the degree.

Undergraduate Prospectus