Pedagogical Training of Prospective Secondary and Technical Education Teachers

The programme purports to prepare university graduates to undertake teaching responsibilities. There is an attempt to combine theory and practice in such a way that theory will be based on the accumulated results of practice, while at the same time practice should possess organizational and systematic characteristics deriving from generalization and principles.One of the programme's purposes is to enrich each graduate's potential with all necessary experiences and abilities that will render him capable of interpreting pedagogical theories and transforming the content of various cognitive subjects, so as to be able to play a successful role both in class and in the broader school environment.

The theoretical and practical aspects of the programme contribute to the development of the ability of the educator:
a) to observe systematically and to analyze the relations and interactions taking place in classroom and at school in general
b) to organize and direct the teaching process
c) to critically analyze the teaching task

The programme takes into account the uniqueness of various subjects and encourages and helps the candidates todevelop mechanisms for composing and reforming specialized solutions for the teaching/learning issues in every cognitive subject. It is expected, after the completion of this programme, that teachers will develop a contemporary pedagogical philosophy that will help them carry out their job efficiently.

More information available in the Programme´s Greek Website.