Physics Lab (A014)-Main Campus Kallipoles

The Science and Chemistry Lab (A014) is located at the Main Campus (Kallipoleos) with 69,76 m2 and capacity of 30 persons. The Lab includes material and equipment for all the needs of performing all the experiments and tests for science and chemistry courses.
The Lab has: 5 personal computers, projector and printer Lab benches, air tracks, MBLs and sensors of various types, speakers, electric circuit boards, stroboscopic cameras, Heat and Temperature kits, Optics kits, Sound and waves kits, Mechanics kits
Static electricity kit, Dynamic electricity kits, Magnetism kits, Electromagnetism kits Various simulations software, and several electronic equipment (e.g., power supply, oscillators, multimeters)
Design and Technology Lab (bldg Β001)- Main Campus
The Design and Technoloby Lab is situated in Main Campus with 67.12 m2 and capacity of 22 persons. The lab is fully equipment with facilities suitable for the teaching needs of the course “Design and Technology”.
The equipment includes various educational software programmes, devices for modeling and simulations of technological processes and instruments, devises for processing wood, metal and plastic materials and making simple constructions.
Science Education Laboratory (B002)-Main Campus
The Science Education Lab (B002) is located at the Main Campus (Kallipoleos) with 50,59 m2 and capacity of 30 persons. The Lab includes material and equipment for all the needs of the courses of the postgraduate program. The Lab also has computers for presentation purposes and learning software for Science Education. The software are: Microworlds EX, STELLA, Stagecast Creator, Algodoo, Crocodile Physics, Crocodile Chemistry, Modellus, Model-IT, Interactive Physics, Coach, Insight, Pasco MbLs.
Biology and Environmental Laboratory (B003)- Main Campus
The Biology and Environmental Lab (B003) is located at the Main Campus (Kallipoleos) with 52,07 m2 and capacity of 20 persons. The Lab includes material and equipment for all the needs for performing experiments and test for biology and environmental courses.
The equipment is: Chambers, waterbaths, stereoscopes, microscopes, heating devices, electronic environmental sensors, conical flasks, fieldwork equipment
Pedagogical Laboratory “Loula and Lito Papachristoforou”-Kallipoleos Central Building (E115) Main University Campus
The Pedagogical Laboratory “Loula and Lito Papachristoforou” is located at the Kallipolleos Central Building and housed in room E115, which has a surface of 45,75 m2 and can accommodate 25 persons. The Pedagogical Laboratory constitutes a space for enacting, studying/analyzing and reflecting upon teaching, learning and particular teaching practices, in order to facilitate understanding of and, by extent, enrich teaching praxis. At an initial stage it is utilized for teaching activities which involve pre- and in-service teachers in teaching simulations, as well as in enacting, video-recording, transcribing, subtitling, analyzing, discussing and reflecting upon (micro)teaching. In the near future it will also be utilized for relevant research activities. Coordinators for the Lab are Assistant Professor Charalambos Charalambous, Professor Niki Tsaggaridou, Assistant Professor Stavroula Philippou and Assistant Professor Stavroula Kontovourki.
Instructional Technology Lab – Main University Campus (E005)
The Instructional Technology (IT  E005) lab is located in the old campus of the University of Cyprus and has acquired its own facilities in the spring semester of 2015. It has a surface of 77,53 m2 and can accommodate 30 persons.  The IT lab is one of the busiest labs at the University of Cyprus as it hosts the teaching of 10 instructional technology courses, both graduate and undergraduate, yearly with an average number of 150 students attending classes in the lab on a weekly basis. The lab equipment is rich, and, includes 31 computers, three state of the art computer projectors facilitating viewing from different sites in the lab, an interactive board, two printers, one scanner, three laptops, 15 tablets, VR glasses, Lego WeDo robotics kits, Lego Mindstorms NXT robotics kits, Bee-Bots floor programmable robots, Blue-Bots floor programmable robots, Pro-Bots floor programmable robots, MacroBots, and a plethora of software programs. The Department invests yearly in upgrading the equipment of the lab as well as in enhancing the existing equipment with new tools.
Special and Inclusive Education Lab (E002)
The Special and Inclusive Education Lab is located at Kallipoleos Campus (room E002). It is 69,55 m2 and it accommodates 30 persons. The lab includes furniture for teaching and storage purposes (i.e., desks, chairs, and libraries) and electronic equipment, such as 10 PCs, a t.v., an overhead projector and a printer. The lab is equipped with assistive technology, augmentative communication devices, learning materials (appropriate for children with learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, speech and language problems), disability related books and children’s books, educational toys, and stationery that is used for developing differentiated material. Helen Phtiaka and Simoni Symeonidou are the coordinators of the lab.
Early Childhood Research Laboratory (ΤΗ101)
The Early Childhood research Laboratory (TH101) is located at Theofanides building with 67,00 m2 and the capacity of accommodating 30 persons. The Lab includes 2 PC, Projectors and Printer. The Lab includes furniture: Small classroom tables and chairs, Special furniture used as a grocery store, Special furniture used as a kitchen (e.g. sink,  cupboards), special furniture used as a library for children’s books, Office furniture-desk and chairs, libraries and Toys –Materials: Socio-dramatic and imaginative play ( dress up clothes and accessories), Constructive play (blocks, legs, clicks), Exploratory play (e.g. science and biology materials and tools), Educational play (e.g. math games, memory games with dice, puzzles), Movement Play (e.g. balls), Creative play (e.g. musical instruments, drums, xylophones, maracas, paints, markers) , Books for children and teachers, Infant toys (e.g. soft balls, sorting games, puzzles). Coordinator of the Lab is Associate Professor Eleni Loizou.
Mathematics Education Laboratory (Β005)
The Mathematics Education Lab (B005) is located at the main University Campus with 50,59 m2 and the capacity of accommodating 30 persons. The Lab includes 25 PC, 2 Projectors, Interactive whiteboard, Printer. Coordinators of the Lab are Professor Constantinos Christou and Professor Demetra Pitta.
Arts Laboratory (B007) – Main University Campus
The Arts Laboratory (B007) is located at the main University Campus with 50,59 m2 and 40,07 m2 and the capacity of accommodating 30 persons. The Lab includes 8 small lighting tracing tables, 1 video camera, 3 photo camera, 10 painting easels, 1 art trolley, Various tools ( clay modelling tools, print making tools). It has 5 PC, printer and projector. The coordinator of the Lab is Andri Savva.
Music Laboratory (ΚΟΔ02 109-110) - University community
The Music Lab (ΚΟΔ02 109-110) is located at the University Community with 54,30 m2 and 62,52 m2 and the capacity of accommodating 30 persons. The Lab includes 2 PC, Projectors , Printer and Sound System. The Lab includes big Selection of Small percussions ( Maracas, Claves, woodblocks, triangles, shakers-different kinds, cymbals, rain-sticks, tambourines, quiros, Cabasa, Castanets, Foot Rattles, Indian Bells, Cow-Bells), Selection of various ( hand frame drums, drums with stand, gathering drum etc) and music equipment like: Grand piano – Rutmiller, Grand Piano
– W.Hoffman, Electric Piano- Yamaha, 3 Classical quitars, Electric Quitar, Bass, 3 Ukalele, 4 Keyboards, 14 DJembee ( African Drums), 8 set Boomwhackers, Kahon ( Cajon),Drum Set etc. Coordinator of the Lab is Nopi Telemachou.