On behalf of the Academic Staff, the Administrative Staff and the Students of the Department of Education, I welcome you to the webpage of the Department of Education of the University of Cyprus.
Since the establishment of the University of Cyprus, the Department of Education has been the department with the highest student population. About two thousand students fully grounded in education and teaching issues have already graduated from the Department of Education and are competent enough to face the educational and cultural issues in a European and global context.
The Department of Education aims to meet the ethnic, social, cultural and developmental needs of the island of Cyprus. More specifically, the mission of the Department is a) to produce and disseminate knowledge in the Pedagogical Sciences, b) to identify, research and study educational issues, c) to educate primary and pre-primary teachers for schools in Cyprus, d) to provide pre-service pedagogical training to the prospective teachers of Secondary General and Secondary Technical Education, e) to provide in-service training and staff development courses to school personnel and f) to provide graduate programmes aiming at preparing research personnel and people who will assume responsibility of leadership positions within the educational system.
The Department of Education aims at developing and providing new graduate programmes in addition to the existing ones in the following areas: 'Educational Administration', 'Curriculum Development and Evaluation', 'Mathematics Education', 'Didactics and Methodology of Mathematics', 'Natural Sciences', 'Pedagogical Sciences', 'Special and Inclusive Education' and 'Language Pedagogy'. The existing graduate programmes lead to Master's and Doctoral degrees. A minor degree in 'Mathematics Education' can also be obtained.
The Department of Education offers courses in other departments, participates at the Interdepartmental Programme on 'Gender Studies', hosts the UNESCO Chair on Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment established at the University of Cyprus in 2009, and chairs the Gender Studies Centre. Further information on these activities can be reached at UNESCO and Gender Studies Centre webpages. Finally, the research groups of the Department of Education have attracted and enacted a large number of research projects, both at the national and the European level, the last three decades, which in turn has resulted in employing a number of graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers.
The webpage is systematically updated and any interested party will have the opportunity to be validly and reliably informed about the programmes and activities of the Department of Education.
Professor Zacharias Zacharia, Chair
Department of Education