The Department of English Studies actively participates in the ERASMUS programme. One major intention of ERASMUS is to offer academic exchanges to our students. Our students may choose to spend one or two semesters at any of the following partner institutions:

Alps-Adriatic University of Klagenfurt
Department of English and American Studies (literature)

England Queen Mary, University of London
Linguistics Department (linguistics)

Finland University of Tampere
English Department (linguistics, literature)

Germany University of Cologne
English Department (linguistics, literature)

University of Konstanz
Department of Linguistics (linguistics)
Department of Literary Studies (literature)

University of Limerick
Department of Languages and Cultural Studies (literature)

University of Bologna
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (linguistics, literature)

University of Lecce
Department of Philology, Linguistics and Literature (linguistics, literature)

University of Roma Tre
Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures (linguistics, literature)

Pedagogical University of Cracow
Department of Foreign Languages (linguistics, literature)

University of Porto

Department of Anglo-American Studies (literature)

University of Castilla-La Mancha
Department of Modern Philology (linguistics, literature)

University of Granada
Department of English Philology (linguistics, literature)

University of Laguna
Department of English Philology (linguistics, literature)

University of Geneva
Department of Linguistics (linguistics)

Usually, students choose their third or third year to go abroad, and they may even spend two semesters at two different universities. All credits gained at a partner institution will count towards the UCY degree upon previous approval by the Department's ERASMUS coordinator.