Welcome Message

On behalf of all the members of our project on Promoting Quality and Equity in Education, I would like to welcome you to our project's webpage.

The development of educational systems that maximize students' learning progress (quality) and also provide equal educational opportunities for all students (equity) is a constant demand in the area of education and educational policy internationally. Despite the great importance of providing equal educational opportunities, there seem to be no studies identifying factors determining educational effectiveness in relation to the equity dimension. This project is intended to fill this gap.

Sponsored by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation and involving three European countries (Cyprus, the Netherlands, and England), this three-year project aims to produce new knowledge on the improvement of school effectiveness in relation to providing equal educational opportunities. It also seeks to develop an evidence-based and theory-driven approach to the development of the educational policy in Cyprus. Developing a systematic policy on issues related to equal educational opportunities can help tackle school failure, which, in turn, can contribute to improving the educational attainment of all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background.

An additional, equally important, objective of this project is to clarify the two dimensions of educational effectiveness (i.e., quality and quantity) and identify factors that explain variations in the effectiveness of teachers and schools in relation to these two dimensions. This would enhance the theoretical framework of educational effectiveness and contribute to the scientific progress in understanding, interpreting, and modeling effectiveness.

Our webpage is systematically updated and anyone interested in our work will have the opportunity to be informed about the activities and the results of the project at each of its phases.

I would like to invite you to browse our webpage to get a better idea of our project's activities. If you have any questions or would like to get more information about the project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The project coordinator

Dr. Leonidas Kyriakides

Professor of Educational Research and Evaluation, Department of Education