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06-21 Giannakis E. and Th. P. Mamuneas, "Sectoral demand-driven and supply-driven input-output multipliers in Cyprus", [Abstract], [Περίληψη στα Ελληνικά].
05-21 Christofides L. N., "Edging towards a national minimum wage? Initial context, recent developments, and the road ahead", [Abstract], [Περίληψη στα Ελληνικά].
Andreou E., N. Empora, E. Giannakis, Th. P. Μamuneas, G. Syrichas and T. Zachariadis, "Report on the Assessment of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of Cyprus", [Abstract], [Περίληψη στα Ελληνικά].
03-21 Michail N. A. and Chr. S. Savva, "Electricity consumption and economic activity in Cyprus using an assymeptric cointegration technique", [Abstract], [Περίληψη στα Ελληνικά].
02-21 Hadjiyiannis C. and I. Pattas, "Peace Creation and Peace Diversion updated", [Abstract], [Περίληψη στα Ελληνικά].
01-21 Sotiriou Chr. and Th. Zachariadis, "A multi-objective optimisation approach to explore decarbonisation pathways in a dynamic policy context", [Abstract], [Περίληψη στα Ελληνικά]. 


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