04-22 Giannakis E., N.Empora and Th. P. Mamuneas, "Measuring the Economy-wide Impact of the Tourism Industry in Cyprus", [Abstract], [Summary in Greek]. 
03-22 Theodoropoulos N. and G. Voucharas, "Containment Measures and Job Loss: Evidence from SHARE Corona Surveys", [Abstract], [Summary in Greek]. 
02-22 Michail N.A. and Christos S. Savva, "The Cyprus Stock Exchange as a leading indicator", [Abstract], [Summary in Greek]. 
01-22 Antoniou S., I. Evangelou, Th. Kallenos and N.A. Michail, "Estimating the Mortgage Default Probability in Cyprus: Evidence using micro data", [Abstract], [Summary in Greek].



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