Dean's welcome message

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cyprus. 

Our website is designed to give you an idea of the Faculty as a place of intellectual vitality, critical inquiry and creative thinking, and illustrate the value of choosing the School to continue one's education. The Faculty of Humanities fcuses on research, teaching and scholarship that foster a dialogue between, one hand, Anglo-American and Continental European traditions and, on the other hand, the traditions of the Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Balkans. 

Across the departments of English Studies, French and European Studies, and Turkish and Middle  Eastern Studies we cover different historical periods (from the Middle Ages to the present day) and a range of topics that  can be subsumed under the broader disciplines of literature and literary theory, history of ideas and aesthitics,history and politics, comparative approaches to literature and culture, theoretical and applied linguistics, translation studies and interpreting, second language teaching and philosophy and gender studies.

The educational and pedagogical philosophy of the Faculty goes beyond the preparation of students for a particular job; it rather aims to instill in them a broader understanding of the cultures that shape modern Cyprus. in the Faculty of Humanities we encourage our students to develop active and creative responses to the challenges they face as they strive to expand their knowledge of their environment and of themselves. At the same time, we prepare our students for a fulfilling and successful career. Many of our graduates find employment in the public or private sector immediately after their graduation, while others pursue graduate  studies to become academic scholars, language teachers, interpreters, media practicioners and cultural studies specailists, among others.