1. I want to apply for accommodation at the University of Cyprus. Which are the procedures i need to follow?
To apply for a room, students must complete the housing application form, which is available at the Housing Office. There are two different types of room application / evaluation procedures: one for Cypriots and Greek full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students; one for Erasmus and other exchange / international students.
2. I am an Erasmus/Exchange/International student. How can i apply for accommodation at the University of Cyprus?
Erasmus and other exchange / international students must submit their room application forms by June 15 for the Fall Semester and by November 15 for the Spring Semester. These forms are evaluated on a first come first serve basis. The majority of students are offered accommodation in the Student Apartments. For more information on accommodation for Erasmus and other international students, consult the brochure Housing Information for Erasmus and other Foreign Students, published by and available at the Housing Office.
3. I want to apply for Holiday Accommodation at the Student Halls of the University of Cyprus
During the summer months Student Halls are allocated to those Cypriot and International students, academics and visitors who are involved in summer lectures, seminars and other activities organized by the University of Cyprus (and other local organizations). Further information can be found in the brochure Holiday Accommodation in Students Halls published by the Housing Office.
4. I want to search for accommodation from the private sector, can you help me?
The Housing Office publishes a List of Private Houses/Apartments each academic semester, on a weekly basis, in order to help students in their search for private accommodation. This List is published for use by the students of the University Of Cyprus only, and is available at our website http://www.ucy.ac.cy/fmweb/en/announcements.  At present, the Housing Office does not proceed with any inspections of the houses and apartments advertised in the list, regarding issues sush as rent requested, quality of accommondation advertised etc., so students are advised to be very careful in their search for accommodation from the private sector.
All Brochures/Application Forms of the Housing Office are available at our website:
For further question in regard to accommodation issues you may contact the Housing Office at 00357 22894038/3001/5144 and/or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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