The social Support Office provides services to students with special needs in terms of, social, academic, financial and other requirements.
Support to students with special needs
At the University of Cyprus students with special needs are treated the same as all other students. Every effort is made by the Social Support Office to offer practical solutions to their specific needs and problems. Such support my take the form of assistance on academic issues, arrangements for extra tutorials, ease of access to University facilities help with typing notes, writing on Braille system, providing every possible assistance during exams, etc.
Guidance on available financial aid to students
The social Support Office informs students about financial aid options. Students with serious financial problems may be subsidised by the students Welfare Fund, on condition that they meet certain criteria.
Students may apply for financial aid during the second half of September each year. The exact period for application, is announced on the students announcements boards and on the website of Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service.
Part - time employment for Students
The social Support Office, offers part-time employment to students who are interested in providing support to students with special needs.
All students who are interested may contact the secretary of the Social Support Office Mrs Andia Rousou at telephone number 22894051.
The rate of payment to students depends on the level of their studies (e.g. undergraduate or postgraduate studies) and the kind of assistance that is provided.
Co–operation with Academic Staff responsible for students with special needs
Every department nominates its Academic personnel, who are close co-operation with the Social Support Office, in an attempt to give the greatest possible support to students in real need.
Admission of Students Based on Special Criteria
Every year a number of students are admitted by the University of Cyprus based on Special Criteria. Some of the special criteria that must be met are as follow:
  • The Candidate must have taken the National exams organised yearly for this purpose by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • The candidate must have obtained at least 90% of the mark archived by the last candidate, who has succeeded in obtaining a place at the particular program of studies.
  • The candidate must have taken all the relevant subject exams required for the particular program of studies
Some categories which come under the special needs criteria are:
  • Students with serious social and financial problems
  • Top athletes
  • Students age 30 and over
  • Students from certain religion groups, etc.
For more information please visit the website of Academic Affairs and Students Welfare Service.
Students who wish to discuss their special needs (social, financial, academic, health etc) may arrange for a personal meeting with Mrs Christina Matsouka - Andreou, head of Social Support Office at telephone number 22894052.