Μessage from the Dean and Deputy Dean of the School
On behalf of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences, we welcome you to our website. The Faculty comprises the Departments of:
The above sciences are very important in today's society since they serve as a guide for development, innovation and technology, essential components to the formation and evolution of every modern society.
If you decide to pursue a degree in one of the above disciplines, you can be sure that our Faculty will provide you with all necessary tools to cope with success in any challenges you will face in your future career within today's highly demanding and competitive European environment. The time lag between scientific discovery and technological application has shortened considerably, where something that took decades to get to the end user now needs only a few years. After graduating from any Department of our Faculty, you will be in a position to start a successful career in one of the interesting areas of science.
Our Faculty is staffed with very well known and established professors worldwide who have shown substantial work in teaching and research. The research infrastructure of the Faculty includes labs with state-of-the-art equipment, while the total number of current research projects is 140, with a total budget exceeding €22 million. It is noted that that this important funding covers research programs originating from the European Union, as well as the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation, and the industry. Further, two Research Units are hosted in our Faculty: The Molecular Medicine Research Center and the Oceanography Centre.
Special pride for the Faculty constitutes the acquisition for the University of Cyprus of its first international patents (US Patent No. 7,105,137 B2; European Patent No. 1 475 149 B1) for a new catalytic system for a novel green NOx emission abatement technology, following several years of research in the Heterogeneous Catalysis Laboratory, led by Professor Angelos M. Efstathiou. It should be noted that in 2008 a License Agreement was signed between the German company Linde Engineering AG and the University of Cyprus for the commercial exploitation of the technology.
Since 1996 a total of 88 PhD students, 506 Master's Degree students, and 1512 Undergraduate students have graduated from our Faculty. Graduates begin their careers in industry, high-tech research companies, the public sector, and in education and administration. Currently, a total of 13 undergraduate and 24 postgraduate programmes (Masters and PhD) are offered by the Faculty, while the total number of our undergraduate students is 881 and of post-graduate students 334.
To conclude this brief introduction, we would like to assure you that our Faculty will continue its important and multifaceted activities in research, teaching and social progress towards distinction, excellence and promotion of our University in the European and wider International community.
Professor Epameinondas Leontidis
Professor Leontios G. Kostrikis
Deputy Dean