The Chairman of the Department submits to the Dean of the Graduate School the following supporting documents:

  1. The PhD justifications submission form
  2. Statement of the Chairperson of the Department
  3. Τhe Departmental Board minutes with the approval of the courses credited in the record of the student.
  4. The Departmental Borad minutes with the approval of the three-member examining committee .
  5. The Departmental Board minutes with the approval of the five-member examining committee.
  6. Τhe Departmental Board minutes confirming the student's success in Comprehensive examination. The date of the success in Comprehensive examination must be noted.
  7. The Departmental Board minutes confirming the student's success in a Research proposal.
  8. Evaluation report of the three-member committee for the research proposal of the student.
  9. Report of the composition of the five-member Examining Committee.
  10. The invitation for the presentation of the doctoral thesis.
  11. An independent written report from the five members of the Examining Committee with preliminary comments and statements on the content of the thesis.
  12. The final report of the five-member Examining Committee.
  13. A detailed list with all the changes and additions, if any, in the doctoral thesis.
  14. A confirmation of the Research Supervisor of the doctoral student that any recommendations of the Examining Committee for changes in the thesis, have been implemented.
  15. Both a list and copies of the actual publications that have already produced from the doctoral thesis and/or any articles that are being published/ under crisis, as well as any papers in scientific conferences.
  16. The official transcript of the student.
  17. A confirmation of the Financial Services of the University of Cyprus that the doctoral student has settled all his payments.
  18. A Confirmation of Settlement of any Outstanding Issues with the University Library.
  19. A Doctoral Dissertation Receipt Confirmation from the University Library..
  20. One hard copy of the PhD thesis.

The Dean of the Graduate School checks all the PhD supporting documents, verifies that the procedure which has been followed was in accordance with the University regulations and forwards all the supporting documents to the Rector's Council for their initial approval. The Rector's Council submits a brief proposal to the Senate for the final decision regarding the award of the Doctor of Philosophy title. The Rector's Council brief proposal is accompanied by the report of the Examining Committee and an abstract of the thesis. The Rector's Council informs the Senate of the existence of any special circumstances. The Doctor of Philosophy title is approved by the Senate.