ARC 117 Introduction to Prehistoric Archaeology
ΑRC 118 Introduction to the Cultures of the Mediterranean Bronze Age
ARC 123 Introduction to Classical Archaeology I
ΑRC 124 Introduction to Classical Archaeology II
ARC 132 Introduction to Byzantine Archaeology and Art
ARC 140 Introduction to Folk Art – Traditional Craftsment
ARC 141 Introduction to Environmental Archaeology
ARC 150 Introduction to the History of Western Art (4th-18th C.)
ARC 180 Introduction to Maritime Archaeology
ARC 200 Italian Renaissance Art
ARC 201 Samos and the East Aegean during Prehistory: Field Methodology and Archaeological Interpretation
ΑRC 203 War and Defence in Byzantium
ARC 204 Gender in Byzantine Art
ΑRC 207 The Neolithic Period in the Aegean
ΑRC 209 From Minoan Crete to Mycenaean Greece: The Aegean in the 2nd Millennium BC
ΑRC 214 Built Environment and Society in the Eastern Mediterranean (10th-2nd Mill. BC)
ΑRC 216 Byzantine Cyprus: Art and Archaeology (4th-12th century)
ΑRC 217 Cultural Entities in the Aegean and Western Anatolia during the Early Bronze Age (3rd Mill. BC)
ΑRC 218 The Archaeology of the Cypriote City-Kingdoms
ΑRC 219 Introduction to Aegean Prehistory (Stone Age – Bronze Age)
ΑRC 220 Household Pottery (Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Periods)
ΑRC 221 Cyprus and the Creto-Mycenaean Aegean
ΑRC 223 The Archaeology of Byzantine Economy
ΑRC 224 Ancient Technology: From Raw Material to Finished Object
ΑRC 225 Archaeology of Cyprus
ΑRC 226 The Early Prehistory of Cyprus and Anatolia (11th-3rd Mill. BC)
ΑRC 227 Fundamentals of Archaeological GeoInformatics
ΑRC 230 Early Byzantine Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean (4th-7th Centuries)
ΑRC 231 Byzantine Art and Identity
ΑRC 232 Byzantine Archaeology: From Theory to Practice
ΑRC 233 Art, Politics and Courtly Culture in Renaissance Italy
ΑRC 235 Early Netherlandish Painting (15th-16th Centuries)
ΑRC 236 Ancient and Byzantine Cyprus in History and Archaeology
ΑRC 237 Gothic Sculpture (12th-13th Centuries)
ΑRC 239 Byzantine Icon Theory and Iconoclasm
ARC 240 Early Byzantine Art (4th-7th Century)
ARC 242 Middle Byzantine Art (9th-12th Century)
ARC 243 Monumental Art in the Byzantine Periphery (9th-12th Century)
ARC 244 Traditional Culture as ‘Historical Archaeology’
ARC 245 Late Byzantine Art (13th-15th Century)
ARC 246 Archaeological Field Methodology: Byzantine Cyprus
ARC 247 Byzantine Archaeology of the Aegean Islands
ARC 248 The Archaeology of Byzantine ‘Expression’
ARC 249 Communication and Exchange Networks during the Early Byzantine Period (4th-7th Century)
ARC 250 Αrchaeometry
ARC 253 Ancient Technology
ARC 255 Ancient Metallurgy
ARC 256 The Emergence of the Bronze Age: Anatolia and Cyprus in the 4th and 3rd Mill. BC
ARC 257 The Bible in Byzantine Art
ARC 259 Byzantine Metalwork
ARC 263 Everyday Life in Byzantium
ARC 264 Byzantine Glyptics
ARC 266 Methodological and Interpretative Approaches in Aegean Prehistory
ARC 269 Post-Byzantine Art (1453 - 19th Century)
ARC 271 Ships and Ports of the Classical Times: Iconography and Types
ARC 272 The Maritime Tradition of Cyprus during Antiquity
ARC 273 Ships, Ports and Trade during the Byzantine Period
ARC 274 Sea Travels in Antiquity
ARC 275 Romanesque Art (11th-12th Centuries)
ARC 276 Ancient Cyprus: From Prehistory to the Roman Era
ARC 278 Big Discoveries in the Prehistoric Aegean
ARC 282 Byzantine Culture (5th-15th C.)
ARC 285 Methods and Techniques of Archaeological Fieldwork, Terrestrial and Underwater
ARC 286 Early Seafaring in the Eastern Mediterranean
ARC 287 Αrchaeology of Death: Burial Habits in the Eastern Mediterranean (11th-3rd Mill. BC)
ARC 289 Ancient Greek Architecture
ARC 290 Gods, Heroes and Men in Attic Vase Painting
ARC 291 Topography of Athens
ARC 292 Applications of GeoInformatics in Archaeology
ARC 294 Cyclades and the East Aegean: Cultural Complexity from the Early through the Late Bronze Age
ARC 297 Greek Sanctuaries
ARC 298 Sculpture of the Archaic and Classical Period
ARC 304 The Archaeology of the Cypriot Bronze Age (3rd and 2nd Mill. BC)
ARC 305 The Byzantine City, 5th-15th C.
ARC 306 Polities, Urbanization and Internationalism: Cyprus in the Late Bronze Age
ARC 307 The Topography of Constantinople
ARC 308 Byzantine Burial: Art and Ideology
ARC 315 Island Archaeology: Island Societies in the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Aegean
ARC 318 Aegean of Multiple Speeds: From the Neolithic Household to the Minoan Palaces
ARC 319 Art and Society in Cyprus and Anatolia (Neolithic-Chalcolithic-Early Bronze Age)
ARC 320 Built Environment and Society in the Prehistoric Aegean
ARC 321 The Cyclades and Crete during Prehistory
ARC 324 The Archaeology of the Cypriot City-Kingdoms in the First Millennium BC.
ARC 327 Geometric Greece
ARC 328 Parthenon and Its Times
ARC 329 Topography of Delphi and Olympia
ARC 330 Landscapes and Objects in Byzantium
ARC 331 Iconographic Programmes of Middle Byzantine Churches
ARC 332 El Greco: The Man and His Times
ARC 334 Dress and Adornment in Byzantium
ARC 347 Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Pottery in the Eastern Mediterranean
ARC 352 The Application of Natural Sciences in the Study of the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean
ARC 354 The Production and Trade of Metals in the Bronze Age
ARC 355 Copper-Metallurgy, Metalwork and Trade in Antiquity
ARC 361 Amphorae: History, Use and Interpretation
ARC 362 Architecture and Identity in the Latin East (12th-17th Centuries)
ARC 363 Art in Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus (1192-1571)
ARC 370 Computer Applications in the Humanities and Social Sciences
ARC 388 Art and Ritual in Byzantine Cyprus (7th-12th C.)
HIS 105 Ιntroduction to the Historical studies, Philosophy and the Methodology of History
HIS 108 Introduction to Modern Greek History
HIS 112 Introduction to Byzantine History
HIS 134 Introduction to the Medieval History of Western Europe (c. 476-1500)
HIS 144 Introduction to Ancient History
HIS 181 Introduction to European History (1789-1918)
HIS 204 Greece on the Threshold of Two Centuries: From Crisis to Revival, 1897-1914
HIS 206 The British Isles, Europe and the World (ca. 1500-1914)
HIS 207 The Normans in Sicily and Southern Italy (11th-13th Centuries)
HIS 208 Political History of Modern Greece II (1950-1974)
HIS 217 The Crusades
HIS 225 Political History of Modern Greece II (1909-2000)
HIS 230 Women in Western Medieval Society (400-1500)
HIS 231 History of Political Thought in the West (14th-18th Centuries)
HIS 232 History of the High Middle Ages of the West (1000-1300)
HIS 233 History of the Late Middle Ages of the West (1300-1500)
HIS 234 History of the Frankish Rule in Cyprus
HIS 235 Medieval Intellectual History
HIS 236 Latin Greece (1191-1669)
HIS 250 Introduction to Early Modern European History (ca. 1500-1789)
HIS 257 Economic and Social History of Modern Greece
HIS 266 The Italian Maritime Cities in the Eastern Mediterranean (12th-16th Centuries)
HIS 274 Crete under Venetian Rule (1204/11-1669)
HIS 280 History of Cyprus (1878-1974)
HIS 283 European History (1945-1989)
HIS 285 Europe 1918-1945: From the Treaty of Versallles to the Fall of Nazi Germany
HIS 286 History of South-Eastern Europe (c. 1800-1990)
HIS 289 Greece in the 1940s. A Decade of Crisis: Greek-Italian War – Occupation – Resistance – Civil War
HIS 290 History of the European Idea
HIS 302 The Fourth Crusade and the First Fall of Constantinople (1204): Causes and Consequences, Interpretation and Ideology
HIS 306 Oral History Seminar
HIS 307 The History of Cypriot Volunteerism during British Rule
HIS 309 History of Modern Greek Diaspora
HIS 313 Perceptions and strategies around the afterlife in Byzantium.
HIS 320 The era of the Fall of Constantinople.
HIS 321 Byzantium and the Crusades
HIS 325 Aspects of modern Greek Economic and Social History: Rural economy and foreign trade during the 19th century.
HIS 331 Social History of the Latin Eastern States: Jerusalem – Cyprus – Romania, 11th-13th Centuries
HIS 332 The Ecclesiastical History of Frankish Cyprus
HIS 333 Frankish Greece, 1204-1261
HIS 334 The Ecclesiastical History of Greek Areas under Latin rule, 1196-1261
HIS 341 Provinces of the Eastern Roman Empire
HIS 343 Ancient Religion
HIS 354 Cyprus under Venetian Rule (1474/89-1570/1)
HIS 356 Roman Cyprus
HIS 357 Byzantium and the rise of Islam (600-800)
HIS 362 Colonialism and the Economy
HIS 363 History of the Book from Gutenberg to the French Revolution
HIS 366 Byzantine Scholars in Italy (from the Council of Ferrara-Florence to the End of the 16th Century)
HIS 369 Classics in Europe, 14th-17th Centuries
HIS 370 Women in Cyprus under Latin Rule (1191-1571)
HIS 371 Aspects and Imprints of War in Contemporary Times
HIS 373 Cold War Conflicts: The Greek Civil War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War
HIS 374 Contemporary Historical Monuments and Historical Memory
HIS 375 The Italian Renaissance
HIS 388 Historiography in the Latin-Ruled Greek World (12th-16th Centuries): Problems of Historicity and Ideology


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