The mission of the International Relations Service (IRS) is the the creation of added value for UCY through:

  • the upgrading/enhancement of internationalisation, networking and mobility and the development of partnerships,
  • the recruitment of international students and
  • the promotion of UCY through quality publications and the UCY website.

International Relations 

The International Relations Sector (International Relations and Promotion) is responsible for promoting the Internationalization Strategy of the University of Cyprus. This is achieved through the co-ordination of all processes related to International Recruitment, Bilateral Agreements of Cooperation with Universities, communication with the various Networks and Organizations to which the University of Cyprus is a member (such as UNICA, Santander Group, IAU), as well as the administrative support for the representation of the University of Cyprus in Network / Organization meetings.

The International Relations Sector (International Relations and Promotion) is also responsible for organizing visits and hosting foreign delegations at the University of Cyprus, and is the contact point of the University with the Cypriot and Greek Diaspora. At the same time, it offers administrative support to the International Relations Committee, while it manages, on behalf of the Committee, budget articles 3/319 - Bilateral Agreements and 3/314 - Subscriptions, Contributions and Representation to Foreign Universities and Organizations.

Mobility Support 

The International Relations Sector (Mobility) has the general and financial management of the Erasmus+ and Erasmus+ International Programmes (K103 and K107 Actions) for outgoing and incoming student mobility for studies and placements, mobility for teaching and administrative staff. It is also responsible for managing mobility under other Bilateral Agreements of Cooperation.


The activity of the Sector with regards to Publications has to do with the production of the majority of the University's central information publications (e.g., Study Guides, Annual Reports, Publications on Research Activities, Newsletters, Booklets, Posters, etc.), while it also includes supporting the broader academic community with regards to Publications. The International Relations Sector-Publications, also has the responsibility and monitoring of the structure and content of the University of Cyprus’ website. It offers support to the University in matters relating to Publications’ Policies, as well as to the activities of the Cyprus University Publications.