The School will incorporate intensive lectures focused on the current issues in marine biology in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean Basin. It will also include presentations on Marine Biotechnology, as well as on the novel approaches such as Genomics, Post-genomics and Bio-informatics. To illustrate the power of these techniques, corals and other symbioses will be discussed as a case study. The School will also incorporate a practical part in the form of excursions as well as tutorials in Bioinformatics.
Regional Context Aquaculture in Cyprus and perspectives for marine biology and biotechnology
Module 1 Issues in Marine Biology: Marine bio-resources and blue biotechnology, multi-trophic aquaculture
Module 2 Overview of methods: Basic concepts and approaches in bioinformatics, genomics and post-genomics, genetic and metabolic engineering in marine organisms
Module 3 Case studies: Aquaculture, microalgae, corals and symbioses
Each student will be requested to give a 5-minute presentation (+5-minute discussion) about his/her current research. 
All lectures will be given in English.