The Summer School provides an intensive two-week course, focusing every year on a key issue of peace and conflict studies. The Summer School critically engages questions of peace and conflict studies from global and cross-disciplinary perspectives. It has four specific aims:
  1. To study and understand the contemporary research and policy agenda of peace and conflict studies, including highly topical issues
  2. To create a positive and productive environment for learning through lectures, seminars and roundtables as well as fieldworks and experiential projects
  3. To bring together leading academics, practitioners and students working in the areas of peace and conflict
  4. To develop new and innovative ideas that support both locally and globally a more peaceful and less violent world
The Summer School seeks to attract reflective and creative students, primarily MAs and PhDs, and/or with practical experience, working on a broad range of issues pertaining to conflict and peacebuilding. The aim is to broaden rather than restrict input and to bring together individuals with different disciplinary backgrounds, professional experiences, and geographical.