Welcome to the website of the MarTEnergy Project, funded by M-Era.NET Network, the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (P2P/KOINA/M-ERA.NET/ 0317/04) and the Ministry of Science Technology and Space, Israel.

The core concept of the MarTEnergy project concerns the development of new energy-harvesting TE materials and converters, based on bulk n- and p- type Half-Heusler thermoelectric materials with carefully controlled structure and properties. The main objectives are: 

  • Development of highly efficient  n-type and p-type Half-Heusler materials;
  • Design of optimal thermoelectric couples and converters and a maximal efficiency;
  • Operation in the mid-temperature range, important for waste heat recovery;
  • Low raw material and manufacturing costs and non-toxicity of elements.

Attention is focused on the extensive need of relatively cheap, widely available, non-toxic, lightweight, and scalable for industry thermoelectric materials and converters. Such technology can contribute to the increase of the energy efficiency in the energy transportation sector (i.e. maritime shipping industry) via TE conversion. Analysis on the performance prediction of converters in specific waste energy harvesting applications is expected to give to the industry a clear direction for the use of this technology.