Journal Publications

  • “Thermoelectric transport properties of (Ti1-cAlc)NiSn half-Heusler alloy” Daniel Rabin, Theodora Kyratsi, David Fuks, Yaniv Gelbstein, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 22, 1566-1574 (2020)
  • “The Initial stage in oxidation of ZrNiSn (half Heusler) alloy by oxygen” Oshrat Appel, Gil Breuer, Shai Cohen, Ofer Beeri, Theodora Kyratsi, Yaniv Gelbstein, Shimon Zalkind, Materials, 12, 1509 (2019); doi:10.3390/ma12091509



Presentations in Conferences

ECT 2019 – 17th European Conference on Thermoelectrics, Sep 23-25, 2019, Limassol, Cyprus

  • “Development of advanced half-Heusler based elements for thermoelectric applications”, Yaniv Gelbstein
  • “Thermoelectric properties of p-type Half-Heusler TiCoSb Solid Solutions fabricated by Mechanical Alloying and Arc-Melting” Ioanna Ioannou, Yaniv Gelbstein, and Theodora Kyratsi
  • "Fabrication of Half Heusler Solid Solutions: Mechanical Alloying vs. Arc Melting" Georgios Mesaritis, Gil Breuer, Yaniv Gelbstein, and Theodora Kyratsi
  • “MarTEnergy Project: Sustainable and Affordable Half-Heusler based Thermoelectric Converters for Utilization of Waste Heat into Electrical Power in Maritime Applications” Ioanna Ioannou, George Mesaritis, Gil Breuer, Loucas Louca, Nikolaos Vlachos, Yaniv Gelbstein, and Theodora Kyratsi
 37th Annual conference of the Israel vacuum society (IVS-IPSTA 2019), September 3rd (2019), Sammy Ofer stadium, Haifa, Israel
  • “Advances in the development of thermoelectric materials for power generation” Yaniv Gelbstein 
 “Alloys and compounds for thermoelectric and solar cell applications VIII” symposium of the 2020 TMS annual meeting at San-Diego, California, February 23-27 (2020)
  • Novel thermoelectric materials for power generation, Yaniv Gelbstein 
3rd International Conference on Applied Surface Science, ICASS, Pisa, Italy, 17-20 June 2019
  • “Surface oxidation of TiNiSn half-Heusler compound by oxygen and water vapor”, O. Appel, S. Cohen, O. Beeri, N. Shamir, Y. Gelbstein and S. Zalkind
 European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes, Euromat 2019, Sept. 1-5 (2019), Stockholm, Sweden 
  • “Solubility of substitutional doping elements in TiNiSn for thermoelectric applications” Daniel Rabin, Kiril Kirievsky, Maor Kaller, David Fuks, Yaniv Gelbstein