Application for clinical training at the Medical School of the University of Cyprus for medical students studying abroad 

The student has to submit the relevant application form through the Cypriot Ministry of Health.

Should the student wish to obtain their clinical training in one of the Nicosia General Hospital (NGH) Departments - or other public hospital -  where no member of the academic staff of the UCY Medical School practice medicine, he/she will need to apply to the Ministry of Health alone.  Their training and confirmation of training will not be the responsibility of the UCY Medical School.

In Departments of the NGH or other public hospitals where academic staff members of the UCY Medical School practice medicine, the student will be trained under the supervision of the respective academic staff. The student will submit their original application directly to the Secretariat of the UCY Medical School and the final training certificate will be issued by the UCY Medical School.

The application form will include the following information: name of the student, identity number, the university where he/ she is attending, the year of study, the Department where he/she wishes to undertake his/her clinical training, and the duration of the clinical attachment. The following documents need to be submitted alongside the application form: (a) a copy of the student’s ID and (b) an official certificate from the University where he/she is studying, certifying that he/she is an active student and indicating the year of admission and his/her year of study.

The application will be forwarded to the academic staff member of the respective specialty/ field of studies by the UCY Medical School Dean. The application will be reviewed by the Professor (s) in the respective specialty. If there is not one, then the application will be reviewed by the next in the hierarchy, the Associate Professor, the Assistant Professor, the Lecturer or the Special Teaching Staff. The responsible member of the academic staff of the Medical School will make a recommendation taking into consideration the academic program of the Medical School and the availability of the academic staff. The clinical attachments may run in parallel with the UCY medical students clinical rotations but will not affect their operation. Subsequently, the recommendation will be approved by the Dean of the Medical School.

Please note that clinical attachments (to be certified by the University) are not possible in the periods outside the academic calendar of the Medical School (e.g. summer period, Christmas/Easter breaks).