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An analysis of the world’s most admired companies shows that the most important success factor, one of the few ways that organizations can gain long-term, sustainable competitive advantage, is the effective acquisition and management of their people ...more

Prof. Eleni Stavrou-Costea

Director of the MSc HRM

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The MSc in HRM

The program focuses on the role of managers and how they can develop and implement effective and efficient human resource management
practices that support the strategic objectives of their organizations.

It's all about people

If an organization wants good people, then it must practice requisite HRM. 

HRM and the Line

Increasingly, the task of managing and developing people is shared between human resource and other managers within organizations.


The role of HRM in today's organizations

HRM plays a critical role in predicting employees’ behavior, attitudes and performance. 

The only sustainable competitive advantage


HRM is a fundamental component of the competitiveness, effectiveness, and sustainability of any organization

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