HRM 539: Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation (3 ECTS)


Trainer: Dr. Marianna Makri

This course uses theories and concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation to explore how effective organizations engage in these two strongly integrated processes. Its purpose is to explain the dimensions of new venture creation and growth and to engage students in an understanding of the process of idea generation and new venture/product development. The course discusses why entrepreneurship is important for individuals, groups and organizations and the role of HRM in promoting it. Then, through the critical analysis of examples, it explores ways in which HRM policies and practices can foster an intra/entrepreneurial culture within different forms of organization.

Dates: 16/23/30 March - 06 April 2020
Time: 6:00pm-9:30pm
Participation fee: € 220


HRM 540: Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods (9 ECTS)

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Trainer: Dr. Antria Dr. Christofidou and Dr. Christos Nicolaides

This course aims to provide students with an understanding of the main methods, processes and tools of business research. Its primary aim is to emphasize the diversity of "research" by discussing the concepts of original vs. applied and quantitative vs. qualitative research in order to highlight the significance of appropriate research methods, instead of ‘best’ methods. Basic knowledge of methodological approaches is critical to the comprehension of scientific knowledge, the evaluation of empirical studies and the design of research projects. The course is organized in three parts. Part A, critically discusses the notion of research and research philosophies; links between theory, hypotheses and variables; research design, sampling and ethical issues. Part B, focuses on qualitative research methods and Part C on quantitative research methods. Alternative methods of sampling, collecting and analyzing data are also discussed.


Dates: 10/13/17/20/24/27/31 March - 02/07/09/13/14 April 2020
Time: 6:00pm-9:30pm
Participation fee: € 680


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