The University of Cyprus  and the Department of Psychology, in an attempt to strengthen the institution's contribution to the wider public and to enhance the research culture in Cyprus, as well as advance the relationship among cultural, educational and social institutions in Cyprus, founded the University of Cyprus Center for Field Studies (UCFS).

UCFS offers a wide range of Research and Consultancy Services both to the academic community and to the wider public. Making use of both the academic personnel and the scientific knowledge produced in academia, the Centre aims to provide high quality research and consultancy services to the wider community.

UCFS aspires to become a connecting bridge between the scientific community and the cultural, social and economic institutions of the country. Based on the principle that research allows one to ascertain the conditions and factors that shape behaviors, attitudes and values, UCFS invests in the development and establishment of Research as a decisive tool that can offer important insights and answers to fundamental questions.

The basic pillar and core mission of UCFS is to invest in the development and establishment of research as a tool able to provide important insight and answers on vital social issues and to distribute valid empirical data assisting institutions and organizations when it comes to important decision-making processes.


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