The payroll Office has placed as its main objective the upgrading of the provided services with the continuous improvement and modernization of its systems and the application of internal controls that will ensure that the correct earnings and pensions are paid to their beneficiaries on time.


The Payroll Office is responsible for paying the correct earnings and pensions to their beneficiaries on time. The Payroll Office also retains various deductions from personnel earnings depending on the personnel contract status (e.g. income tax, social insurance etc) adds them together with the employer's contributions and pays them to the various Funds of the State. Finally the Payroll Office ensures that the right information along with the any specialized reports required is sent to the Academic Community and to Governmental Institutions.

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The salary scales of the University of Cyprus, are included in the annual Budget of the University of Cyprus, and they consist of 16 basic salary scales starting from scale A1 to scale A16 for both the Academic and Administrative Personnel and Π1 to Π3 for the Hourly Paid Personnel. Every salary scale has a staring point and an increment which is granted at the end of twelve-month service leading to the top of that salary scale in a number of years according to the position held.

General and Indexing Increases are being added to the basic salary scales according to those increases that are granted annually in the public sector.

Analytical information per salary scale together with the total earnings per scale can be found to the link "Archive-Tables" of this web page.