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A student is awarded the M.Sc. degree after successful completion of at least 120 ECTS in Physics. To fulfill this requirement, the student must attend the five (5) compulsory core courses, which amount to 50 ECTS total, and one (1) specialization course of 10 ECTS in his/her research subfield. The remaining 60 ECTS are credited through research towards a Master Thesis. During the first year of studies, the student completes the required course work and chooses a Thesis supervisor. Typically, a full year is required for the conduction of research on the chosen topic, the writing of the Thesis and its successful oral defense.


Master Thesis DissertationA written Thesis is required to obtain a M.Sc. degree. The Thesis should contain satisfactory elements of independent and original scientific work, and should contribute new knowledge for the advancement of Physics. The Thesis is defended in front of a three-faculty member committee, in a seminar that is open to the public. During this oral defense, the student should be able to answer satisfactorily questions related to the subfield of his/her studies, and to demonstrate sound understanding of the research topic.


Curriculum and CoursesThe compulsory core courses are similar to courses offered by graduate programmes at top Universities. In addition, a series of specialization courses offer a breadth that is consistent with the active research areas in the Department.


Compulsory Core Courses                
PHY 625 - Quantum Mechanics I   10 ECTS
PHY 626 - Quantum Mechanics II  10 ECTS
PHY 631 - Electromagnetism  10 ECTS
PHY 641 - Statistical Physics 10 ECTS
PHY 811 - Experimental Physics 10 ECTS


One Specialization Course   10 ECTS
PHY 860 - Master Theses Ι  10 ECTS
PHY 861 - Master Theses II   20 ECTS
PHY 862 - Master Theses IIΙ       30 ECTS






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