spaWelcome to the webpage of the Department of Psychology at the University of Cyprus. The Department was established in 2004 and has as its mission to educate new scientists in contemporary scientific Psychology, the production of knowledge that contributes significantly to the international literature on the understanding of Human Beings, and the multidimensional contribution to the local community.

In its short history, the Department has been able to offer very popular and competitive undergraduate and graduate programs of study, which enjoy international recognition. One undergraduate program in Psychology is offered along with five masters-level programs: ΜΑ in School Psychology, accredited by the International School Psychology Association, ΜΑ in Cognitive and Educational Psychology, ΜΑ in Social and Developmental Psychology, and ΜΑ in School Counseling and Guidance, while as of 2016 the ΜS in Cognitive Systems is also offered in collaboration with the Open University of Cyprus and the Department of Computer Science of the University of Cyprus. Two Ph.D. programs are also offered in Psychology and Clinical Psychology respectively. Graduates of our programs have become accepted by some of the most competitive masters and Ph.D. programs in the world or they are employed in high impact positions locally offering psychological or educational services.

A main goal of the Department is the development of critical and scientific thinking in its students. All programs focus on offering students the skills to become good producers or consumers of knowledge, while the applied programs also train students in evidence based approaches to assessment and intervention in a wide spectrum of typical and non-typical human behaviors. This goal is achieved through the continuous involvement of students in research programs led by the academic faculty. The facilities of the Department include the Neurocognitive Research Lab, the University Center for Field Studies, the Social and Developmental Psychology Lab, the Clinical Psychology and Psychophysiology Lab, the Experimental Psychology Lab, the Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Lab, while the Department has close ties to the Center for Applied Neuroscience.

The Department has an established international presence both in the classical domains of Psychology (cognitive, social, developmental, educational, school, clinical) and in inter-disciplinary, cutting-edge domains like cognitive science and neuroscience, through publications in high impact international journals and research funding from competitive sources (European Commission – FP6, FP7, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, European Research Foundation, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development–National Institutes of Health, USA, International Reading Association, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions). Faculty members have established international collaborative networks (e.g. through programs like COST, ERASMUS) and participate actively in the governing bodies of both scientific and professional associations (e.g. European Federation of Psychological Associations, Association for Contextual Behavior Science, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine). Experts in various fields of Psychology from around the world visit the Department frequently to offer lectures that are open to the public.

As part of their contribution to society many of the academic faculty offer their expertise on National Committees and Councils, appointed by the President of the Republic of Cyprus or by the Council of Ministers, (e.g. Bi-Communal Committee on Education, Bioethics Committee, Council of Medically Assisted Reproduction, Cyprus State Scholarship Foundation).

In the context of its social contribution the Department of Psychology operates as of 2016 the Mental Health Center of the University of Cyprus, staffed by doctoral students in Clinical Psychology who offer assessment, counseling and psychotherapy services to University of Cyprus students under the supervision of licensed Specialist Psychologists. The counselling services of the Aglantzia Municipality also operate under the auspices of this Center.

I invite you to stay in touch with the activities of our dynamic Department through this webpage and the separate pages of each Lab and research team. The Department is always open for collaborations with organizations or groups so that the knowledge it produces can be disseminated, in the service of science and the community.

George Spanoudis

Department Chair