The University of Cyprus produces and publishes a wide range of materials related to the University's programmes of studies, research, student life, cultural and scholarly projects. The publications provide comprehensive information about the University to the public, to current and prospective students, and to the international academic community.

The University publishes the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses in Greek and English, as well as the publication Research at the University of Cyprus, which presents the research activities and publications of the University's academic staff.

The Cyprus University Press was established in order to promote and support the University's academic publications. The Cyprus University Press aims to make a dynamic contribution to the publishing sector, in Cyprus and abroad, through the publication of high-standard, contemporary works, under the aegis of a well-regarded University (UCY) and prominent publishing houses. Cyprus University Press select their books according to their scholarly merit, and the books cover an array of topics including literature, history, poetry, philosophy, etc. The areas of publishing are:

Although the University's main publications are produced by the publications team of the International Relations Sector (International Relations Service), a substantial number of other publications are produced by various Services, Offices and Departments of the University, e.g., the Academic Affairs and Student Welfare Service, the Promotion and Development SectorUniversity of Cyprus Theatrical Workshop (UCY Cultural Centre), etc.