Towards achieving Self REgulated LEArning as a core in teachers' In-SErvice training in Cyprus


A brief overview

High-quality teaching is a prerequisite for high-quality education and training, which are in turn a powerful determinant of Europe's long-term competitiveness and capacity to create more jobs and growth. The European Commission has determined five broad categories for policies and practices meant to increase the quality of teacher training programs in the EU:

      • Ensuring that all teachers have access to the knowledge, attitudes and pedagogic skills that they require to be effective;
      • Ensuring that provision for teachers' education and professional development is coordinated, coherent, and adequately resourced;
      • Promoting a culture of reflective practice and research among teachers;
      • Promoting the status and recognition of the teaching profession and
      • Supporting the professionalisation of teaching (European Commission, 2007).

This project is an attempt to evaluate the lifelong learning character of the existing in-service training scheme in Cyprus making use of a checklist based on the above categories and drawing its evaluation criteria from a meta-analytic research. Through a series of seminars and trainings it aims to engage principals and school educators in the use of Reflective Practices And Dialoguing Practices in School as key elements of a lifelong learning approach at the level of the school. Through the engagement of educators, school principals and educational stakeholders in discussion groups and the function of the project's webpage as a platform for teacher training and professional development, the project aims to mainstream the lifelong learning dimension in the dialogue about teacher training at a national level, at the school level and at the level of the teacher.


Total Duration of the project:

12 months



The project RELEASE is co-financed by the European Union under the Lifelong Learning Programme "Support for European cooperation in education and training".