The Innovation Management Unit of the University of Cyprus belongs to the Research Support service of the University of Cyprus and it deals with the management of the Innovation related activities of the University and the commercialisation of the University’s exploitable research results. The activities of the unit span from the identification and evaluation of the potentially valuable intellectual property of the University, as early as from the development of research, the appropriate protection and selection of the best mode of exploitation of the intellectual property and the transfer of technology and knowledge to the business sector and society. Exploitation can be done, inter alia, through:  a) research contracts and the provision of specialised high added value services to companies and organizations, b) licensing of intellectual property to third parties and c) creation of spin-off and start-up firms. The unit collaborates closely with the University’s Centre for Entrepreneurship (C4E), for the provision of acceleration and incubation services for the creation of University spin-off firms as well as for awareness actions and the provision of education services to the academic, student and research community of the University regarding the protection and commercialization of intellectual property.