PhD programmes in Sociology and Political Sciences


PhD programme entry requirements

  1. Candidates should hold a Masters degree from an accredited University.
  2. Good knowledge of English is a prerequisite. Knowledge of a second European language will be considered an additional qualification.
  3. The academic staff may require an applicant to attend an interview or to complete a written examination even if the applicant fulfils all the above requirements.


Study Rules

Postgraduate PhD programmes are regulated according to the Postgraduate Study Rules (see the relevant appendix).
According to the above rules: "Within the framework of student exchange, a PhD student may spend up to one calendar year of study at a university abroad".


Requirements and structure of PhD course


Research Supervisor: The appointment of a research supervisor is required to guide the student in the completing of the PhD dissertation. The Department Council, following the recommendation of the Postgraduate Course Committee and in cooperation with the student and the recommended Supervisor, will appoint the research supervisor. The research supervisor oversees the progress of the student's research or any other work, providing the necessary guidance.


Course Attendance: The staff responsible for the course may advise any PhD candidate to follow courses from the MA course if they judge that this is necessary for the PhD candidate's research and/or that doing so will help develop the research topic.


Approval of PhD proposal:

Presentation of Proposal for a PhD Dissertation to a three-member Committee

The proposal's presentation takes place within two to four Terms after success in the Comprehensive Examination. The three-member Committee is appointed by the Departmental Council following a recommendation by the Department's Committee of Post-graduate Programs acting together with the student's Research Advisor, who presides over the Committee which consists of

  1. The student's Research Advisor (Committee Chairperson)
  2. One Member of the Department's academic staff and
  3. Another academic staff Member of the Department or of another University Department with a relevant academic subject-matter or from another University or research Center.


Comprehensive Examination: Each candidate is required to successfully complete a comprehensive written examination, no later than the seventh semester. The department organises these exams every September. Each candidate may sit this exam twice. If the candidate fails the exam both times then the candidate will be judged to have failed the course. The Department Council decides the comprehensive exam's structure and content and publicly announces it to the students.

PhD thesis: Another requirement of the course is the completion of an original doctoral thesis. The thesis must be an important contribution to the subject.

PhD thesis language: The PhD thesis may be written in a language other than Greek if: a) the candidate's first language is not Greek, and b) the research supervisor agrees.

PhD thesis viva: The thesis is defended before a five-member examining board. The board is appointed by the Department Council after a suggestion from the department degree Committee in cooperation with the research supervisor. It is comprised of three members of the Department's academic staff, including the research supervisor, a member of a different department at the University of Cyprus and a member of a different university or research centre. The head of the Examining Board can be a member of the University's academic staff but not the research supervisor.

Failing the PhD: If it is recommended that the PhD should not be awarded, the Examining Board allows the candidate to resubmit his PhD thesis according to the board's suggestions. In such a case the whole procedure has to be repeated. The procedure may only be repeated once with the Examining Board remaining the same. A member of the board may be substituted only in an emergency.

Time limits: A PhD may be completed in a minimum period of six (6) semesters and a maximum of sixteen (16) semesters starting from the enrolment date.

Successful completion of 240 ECTS credits: Successful completion of 240 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. The credits break down as follows:

Modules Credited by the MA course 60 ECTS credits
Research 4 semesters x 30 ects 120 ECTS credits
Writing of postgraduate thesis 2 semesters x 30 ects 60 ECTS credits
Total   240 ECTS credits


Submission of Application

Applications can be submitted electronically using The Online Application System. Applications should include the following:

  1. Copy of Undergraduate Degree certificate.
  2. Copy of MA degree certificate or confirmation that the MA degree will be awarded shortly or confirmation concerning the candidate's position in a PhD course of an accredited university.Candidates that have not yet completed their MA course but are enrolled and are studying for such a course, may be accepted provided that they complete their studies by the 31st of July of the year that they will be enrolling for the PhD course, following the approval of the Postgraduate Committee.
  3. Detailed transcription of MA degree credits
  4. Certificates of good knowledge of the English language.
  5. Two letters of recommendation.
  6. A statement describing the candidate's scientific and research interests.
  7. A summary of research proposal (up to 1500 words).
  8. A sample of academic writing.



Applicants who have secured a position at the University of Cyprus they are informed by an email/letter.


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