What is the duration of my programme of study?

  • Master Programmes

The minimum duration for the Master programmes is three semesters, and the maximum period of study may be extended, for up to eight academic semesters.

  • PhD programmes

The PhD requirements must be fulfilled within the period of eight (8) years from the day of admission to the postgraduate programme.

How do I request an Application Form?

An Application Form may be downloaded from here.

Is there a deadline for application?

Yes, there is a deadline for applying to the University. The application should be submitted to the Postgraduate Studies Coordinator of the relevant Department by the 30th of March of each year for entry in the Fall Semester, and by the 31st of October for entry in the Spring Semester.

What documentation is required when applying?

When applying to the University of Cyprus, you are required to submit:

- Completed and signed Application Form or Electronic Application.
- Curriculum Vitae.
- Copies of university degrees or a statement of expected graduation in the month preceding enrolment in the postgraduate programme.
- Copies of Transcript/s as appropriate.
- A brief statement of personal goals and research interests (up to 2 pages).
- Two letters of recommendation in sealed and signed envelopes. Some departments require three reference letters to be submitted with the application, so before submitting your application, please read the Postgraduate Prospectus and any relevant departmental booklet as well as visit the website of the relevant department to find out about the number of reference letters to be submitted. The Department may request additional confidential information from the referees.

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