The Department runs popular programs in three distinct academic fields (Political Science, Sociology and Journalism).  It aims to develop and offer new and enhanced graduate programs to an increasing number of students with a strong academic and international profile; under an administrative structure that allows the three fields to utilize their creative synergies but also their academic differentiation; and enhances the possibilities to make new research inroads by better tapping into new funding opportunities.



The Department of Social and Political Sciences promotes research and knowledge in the fields of Political Science, Sociology and Journalism.  It publishes research in some of the most reputable scholarly venues of these fields and excels in teaching students to understand, analyze and reflect on complex sociopolitical phenomena.  It also aims through public outreach activities to raise social awareness and sensitivity on sociopolitical issues.  The Department values the creative interaction between theoretically- and empirically-driven research on the one hand, and knowledge-based and skills-oriented teaching on the other.