All departments of the University organise public lectures and other events focused on issues of scholarly, scientific and wider interest. In addition, the University sponsors centrally organised lectures, cultural events, exhibitions, concerts and other activities open to the general public. It cooperates with many cultural institutions, local authorities, and others to promote culture, both for the benefit of the academic community and the students as well as for society at large. The University, in cooperation with the Municipality of Aglandzia, organises a series of lectures open to the public, which is known as the "Free University" at Skali Aglandzias, whereas in cooperation with the Larnaca Municipality it operates the "Zenonion Free University". The University of Cyprus has also expanded the "Free University" to cover Limassol (in cooperation with the Municipality of Famagusta), Pafos (the "Ierokipeion Free University", in cooperation with theMunicipality of Yeroskipou) and the Cypriot Diaspora in London.
The University has already made a dynamic impact on the cultural and intellectual life of Cyprus. Its contribution will grow as the programmes of teaching and research are expanded.