The Interim Governing Board of the University announced in 1992 an International Design Ideas Competition for the design of the new University of Cyprus Campus. The competition attracted international interest of 156 candidates from 33 countries and issued a special edition presenting all submissions.
The following prizes have been awarded:
1st prize:
Jean-Pierre During, Philippe Rami (Switzerland)
2nd Prize:
Design team Mario Cuccinella-Architecte (France)
3rd Prize:
Socratis Stratis, Maria Loizidou, Alexandros Tombazis
1st Honourable Mention:
HRTB A/Sarkitekler Marcin Boguslawski (Norway)
2nd Honourable Mention:
The J.S. Bonnington Partnership (United Kingdom)
The University of Cyprus in collaboration with external consultants proceeded in the preparation of the Campus Master Plan, incorporating ideas of the winning studies and adjusting them to the specific needs of the site.
The Campus Master Plan is a miniature urban design project with increased demands on technology issues. It is also the main working tool for the development and implementation of this demanding and ambitious project.