Planning / Design
The International Architectural Ideas Competition for the University of Cyprus Campus Master Plan was completed in 1992 and the first Campus Master Plan became official in 1996.
The planning and design of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences and Common Teaching Facilities 01 was the object of the 1st Architectural Design Competition organised by the Campus Development Office within the framework of the Campus Master Plan and was accomplished in 1998.
The development of the project was promoted immediately after the conclusion of the competition. A two year period was accounted for the finalisation of the design of the project including the Common Teaching Facilities 01 and construction was completed in 2003.
CTF01 1 CTF01 2
CTF01 3  
Design Team
The 1st prize of the Competition was awarded to the Architectural Office A. Kyprjanou and Associates.
The design and supervision of the project was undertaken by the Architects' and Consultants' team presented below:
A. Kyprianou & Associates
Civil Engineers:
APAS and I. Theophilou
Electrical Engineers:
Mechanical Engineers:
Laboratory Consultancy:
Earl Walls
Environmental Design:
Α. Athienitis and M. Santamouris
Quantity Surveyors:
The MDA Partnership Ltd
* In the course of the project GEMAC was replaced by UNEMEC.
Project Description / Uses
The Common Teaching Facilities 01 (CTF 01) are a fundamental part of the design of the building complex which encompasses the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences.
CTF 01 and the Faculty are organically connected via an open air square which is joined to a stepped semi-open covered space. These public spaces constitute an essential organisational aspect of the design of the project. They successfully fulfil the target of encouraging the gathering and socialisation of students and other users and create a link to the main pedestrian route of the Campus; the Belvedere. Building CTF 01 is developed in 3 levels, two of which are dedicated to teaching spaces and one to light leisure spaces. Teaching spaces refer to seminar rooms and amphitheatres of various sizes and capacity, and leisure spaces entail a snack/coffee shop, outdoor seating platforms, as well as a students' lounge.
Building Area
The total area of the Common Teaching Facilities 01 is 3.113 square metres as analysed below:
Net Building Area *
Gross Building Area
Semi open-air spaces Area
Total Area
CTF 01 1.463 2.249 864 3.113
* The Net Building Area includes the net areas (meaning clear spaces without walls) of the main usable spaces, spaces of hygiene, kitchenettes, cleaners' spaces, storage spaces and other support spaces. Lobbies, circulation spaces, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, servers and walls, are not included in the net building area. These are calculated in the Gross Building Area.
Project Construction
Construction works for the overall complex including the three buildings FST 01, FST 02 and CTF 01 began in January 2000 and were completed in December 2003.
Project Cost
The cost for the construction works for the overall project including the three buildings FST 01, FST 02 and CTF 01, amounted approximately to €20.342.000 (excluding V.A.T.).
Building Contractors
The implementation of the construction works of the Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences and Common Teaching Facilities 01project, was undertaken by the firms shown below:
Main Contractor:
Charilaos Apostolides & Co Ltd
Electrical Subcontractor:
Mechanical Subcontractor:
Caramondani Bros Ltd