Planning / Design
The planning and design of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEB) and the second Common Teaching Facilities building (CTF 02) were the object of the 5th Architectural Design Competition, organised by the Campus Development Office within the framework of the Campus Master Plan. The Competition procedure was completed in July 2002.
Design Team
The 1st prize of the Competition was awarded to the Architectural Offices of Alecos Gabrielides and of Meletitiki and A. N. Tombazis & Associates Architects.
The design and supervision of the project was undertaken by the Architects' and Consultants' team presented below:
Alecos Gabrielides and Meletitiki and A. N. Tombazis & Associates Architects
Civil Engineers:
L. Hadjigeorgiou, A. Chacholiades
Electrical Engineers:
Mechanical Engineers:
Zinieris and Eliofotou (MELTEC)
Quantity Surveyors:
JMV QS Services
Project Description / Uses
The Faculty of Economics and Management and CTF 02 complex comprises three main buildings, together composing a single organism. The complex is organised in three levels plus two basement levels and has extensive outdoor communal spaces.
Building FEB 01 houses the Department of Business and Public Administration along with the MBA Programme and building FEB 02 houses the Departments of Economics and Accounting & Finance and the Deanery. Building CTF 01 houses common teaching facilities.
Within buildings FEB 01 and FEB 02, there are academic offices, conference rooms, common rooms, postgraduate students' areas, administrative offices and other support spaces. In building CTF 02, amphitheatres, seminar rooms and teaching halls of various sizes have been accommodated.
The two buildings of the Faculty and the CTF 02 building are linked between them with a diagonal open air but covered course that constitutes an architectural feature which organises movement and circulation within the overall complex.
Building Area
The total area of the Faculty of Economics and Management is 10.040 square metres as analysed below:
Building name Net
Building¹ Area (sq. m.)
Building² Area
(sq. m.)
Semi open-air³ spaces
Area (sq. m.)
Total Area*
(sq. m.)
FEB 01
FEB 02
1 Does not include Lobbies, circulation spaces, stairs, mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, servers and walls.
2 Includes all indoor areas.
3 Includes all open-air covered areas.
* It is the total of the Gross Building Area plus the Semi open-air spaces Area.
Project Construction
Construction works for the overall complex including the three buildings FEB 01, FEB 02 and CTF 02 began in August 2006 and were completed in April 2010.
Project Cost
The cost for the construction works regarding the two Faculty of Economics and Management buildings FEB 01 and FEB02 and the Common Teaching Facilities building CTF 02, amounted approximately €24.000.000 (excluding V.A.T.).
Building Contractors
The implementation of the construction works regarding the overall complex (FEB 01, FEB 02 & CTF 02) was undertaken by the firms shown below:
Main Contractor: Cybarco PLC
Electrical Subcontractor: TELMEN Ltd A Eracleous Ltd Joint Venture
Mechanical Subcontractor: TELMEN Ltd