The University of Cyprus has the aspiration to become an institution that cultivates and disseminates environmental awareness in the local Cypriot society. In this framework, the University has undertaken the task to develop a Photovoltaic Power Plant at its main Campus in Nicosia. The plant has been sized to 10MW, so that its annual energy yield, balances the annual electrical consumption.
For the development of the PV Plant an area (plain field) of approximately 140.000 sq.m. is required. The area under consideration is within the main University Campus in Aglantzia and lies within the UN buffer zone.
The PV Plant consists of the following main components:
  • Main generation area: PV arrays.
  • Operations and maintenance facility (control room)
  • On-site substation
  • Site security, fencing and lighting
  • Meteorogical station
Regarding the economic performance of the plant, it can be noted that Cyprus offers nearly ideal conditions for PV installations. It is estimated that the annual sum of electricity produced by a photovoltaic system in Cyprus with optimally inclined modules is the highest in the whole European continent.
The University will promote the materialization of the PV Park project through a Design, Supply, Operate and Maintenance (5 years) Tender procedure.