The UCY Faculty of Medicine aims to distinguish itself regionally and internationally as a well-known medical research center while becoming highly competitive both in terms of education and knowledge dissemination.
It also targets to contribute through education and research in best health practices and high social awareness on health issues.
The objective of implementing this significant project is to develop the appropriate educational and research facilities which will serve the above aspirations.
The selection process of a renowned, experienced and talented design team which will undertake in collaboration with local firms, the design and supervision of the project is already underway.
In the meantime the University will renovate and upgrade the existing facilities of Shakoleion Educational Health Centre – SEKY (whose previous use was that of a Nursing School) and convert it into Faculty of Medicine for the temporary operation of the full, 6-year academic program of Medicine. It is noted that the Research Center of Molecular Medicine will also be housed in SEKY.
When the construction of UCY Medical School on the University Campus will be completed, the SEKY building will be remodeled again to house only the clinical practice operation.
By maintaining presence on both sites, the Faculty of Medicine plans to provide high quality education, research and practice, taking also advantage of the existing synergies deriving from the immediacy of the SEKY building to the Nicosia General Hospital.
It should be mentioned that for the first year of their studies, the students of the Medical School are being temporarily hosted at the facilities of other UCY Faculties, an arrangement which cannot continue indefinitely.