Project Description
The project is the result of an International Architectural Contest and the design has been recently assigned to the winning team in order to prepare a detailed proposal. The winning project, which is characterized by high standards in aesthetics and functionality as well as issues concerning passive design, is expected to operate as a developmental project promoting high quality teaching, research and innovation.
The building complex of the Department of Biological Sciences will comprise of 7.226 square m., in 6 levels and will home research area, teaching areas, offices for the academic and administrative staff and other support spaces.
The building facilities of the Department of Biological Sciences has been proposed in conjunction with The Common Teaching Facilities 03 (CTF 03) and both will be developed as a unified construction project.
Department of Biological Sciences and CTF 03 together will have those qualities which will enhance the already attractive environment of Athalassa Campus.
Design Team
The 1st prize of the Competition was awarded to the successful Team of Architects; Miltiades Katsaros, Nikolas Theotokis, Georgios Papayianopoulos, Dimitrios Christovasilis, Apostolos Goulas.