Project Description
The project is the result of an International Architectural Contest and the design has been recently assigned to the winning team in order to prepare a detailed proposal. The winning project is characterized by high standards in aesthetics and functionality as well as issues concerning passive design.
The building complex of the Common Teaching Facilities 03 will be comprised of 5.997 square m.
The Common Teaching Facilities 03 (CTF 03) has been proposed in conjunction with the building facilities of the Department of Biological Sciences and both will be developed as a unified construction project.
The Common Teaching Facilities 03 (CTF 03) and Department of Biological Sciences together will have those qualities which will enhance the already attractive environment of the Athalassa Campus.
CTF 03 will become part of the shared teaching facilities network which exists on Campus. It will comprise teaching and seminars rooms, amphiteatres of various sizes and capacity, administrative offices, cafeteria and other auxiliary spaces. CTF 03 should also accommodate public lectures and other specialized academic events.
Design Team
The 1st prize of the Competition was awarded to the successful Team of Architects; Miltiades Katsaros, Nikolas Theotokis, Georgios Papayianopoulos, Dimitrios Christovasilis, Apostolos Goulas.