Important Announcements
1. As we have reached full capacity, registration is open only for people presenting a paper or a poster. 
2. Only people with a registration badge will be able to attend the conference.
3. The Honor Frost Foundation will be hosting a Memory Booth at the Conference, open to all conference participants to share their personal memories, inspirations and insights into their own journeys within maritime archaeology and, in particular, those who worked with or had a professional association with Honor Frost. The Memory Booth is part of a larger project that the Foundation is supporting called 'Soundings'. The exact place and times will be announced shortly. 
Conference programme
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Thursday, 19 October
Special Opening Lecture and Reception
Opening Welcome: Professor Vassiliki Kassianidou,
Director of the Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus
Speech by Sophie Basch, University of Sorbonne.
Honor Frost, true to herself. From art and ballet design to underwater archaeology: a single and singular fate
By invitation only
RECEPTION organised and offered by MARELab, in collaboration with the Archaeology Student Club of the University of Cyprus. Wine is generously provided by CANTINE PELLEGRINO, Marsala Sicily, and MAKKAS Winery LTD, Cyprus. 
Venue: Archaeological Research Unit, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus (Location)
Friday, 20 October
Venue: Amphitheatre of the University of Cyprus Medical School (ΣΕΚΚΙ Β115), Latsia, Nicosia
09:00-09:45 Registration
09:45-10:30 Welcome / opening talks
  Constantinos Constantinou: Vice-Rector for International Affairs, Finance and Administration, University of Cyprus
  Alison Cathie: Honor Frost Foundation, Chair
  Despina Pilides: Curator of Antiquities, Department of Antiquities
  George Papasavvas: Head of the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus
  Stella Demesticha: Director of MARELab, Department of History and Archaeology, University of Cyprus
  Lucy Blue: Maritime Archaeological Director, Honor Frost Foundation; Director Centre for Maritime Archaeology, University of Southampton
Keynote Lecture
Patrice Pomey, Emeritus Research Director, Aix-Marseille University - CNRS.
Honor Frost Under the Mediterranean: From Maritime to Nautical Archaeology
11:30-11:50 COFFEE BREAK
Chair Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri
11:50-12:10 1. Nicolas Grimal, Martine Francis-Allouche: Honoring the Lady of Byblos
12:10-12:30 2. Ibrahim Noureddine: Harbour Installations at Tyre North
12:30-12:50  3. Nicolas Carayon: The Impact of Honor Frost on Phoenician Port Studies in the Levant
12:50-13:10 4. Nadine Panayot Haroun, Lucy Semaan: Preserving the Landscape of Anfeh: From Nature to Culture
13:10-14:30 LUNCH
Chair Martine Allouche
14:30-14:50 5. Jean-Yves Empereur: Honor Frost and the Alexandria Lighthouse
14:50-15:10 6. David J. Blackman: New Perspectives in Harbour Research
15:10-15:30 7. Gregory F. Votruba, Osman Erkurt: Building Upon Honor Frost's Stone Anchor Foundations: Typology, Experimentation, Spatial Analysis and Prospects for Anchor Studies
15:30-15:50 8. Harry E. Tzalas: 1985-2008: The TROPIS Symposia on Ship Construction in Antiquity
15:50-16:10 9. Elpida Hadjidaki: Three Decades of Adventures with Honor Frost
16:10-16:30 COFFEE BREAK
Chair Lucy Blue
16:30-16:50 10. Pietro Romano Alagna: The Archaeological Mission of the Punic Ship
16:50-17:10 11. Rossella Giglio: The History of Marsala's Shipwreck Exhibition from the Beginning to the Present
17:10-17:30 12. Claire Calcagno, Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri: The Second Life of a Phoenix: Honor Frost's Unpublished Chronicles of a Punic Ship in Sicily
17:30-17:50 13. Crystal el Safadi, Naseem Raad, Ziad Morsy, Lucy Semaan, Dorothy Chakra: From One to Many: How Honor Frost's Legacy Shapes Scholars
17:50-18:00 BREAK
In the Footsteps of Honor Frost - Panel Discussion
Chair Lucy Blue
Panelists: Elena Flavia Castagnino Berlinghieri, Ibrahim Noureddine, David Blackman
Saturday, 21 October
Venue: University Campus, Aglantzia, Nicosia
1. University House A.G. Leventis, Amphithteatre B108 
2. Common Teaching Facilities, CFT01-108
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Dorit Sivan
Venue: CFT01-108
Chairs Athena Trakadas, Nadine Panayot Haroun
09:15-09:35 14. Julien Beck, Dimitris Sakellariou, Flavio S. Anselmetti, Despina Koutsoumba, Alexandra Zavitsanou, Morgan Surdez, Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Ioannis Morfis: Late Pleistocene to Holocene Submerged Shorelines and Landscapes off Franchthi Cave, Greece 34. Ofra Barkai, Oded Katz, Amit Mushkin, Beverly N. Goodman Tchernov: Long-term Retreat Rates of Israel's Mediterranean Sea Cliffs Inferred from Reconstruction of Eroded Archaeological Sites
09:35-09:55 15. Matthieu Giaime, Christophe Morhange, Nick Marriner, Matteo Vacchi, Miguel Angel Cau, Joan J. Fornós: Geoarchaeological Investigations on the Roman Harbour of Pollentia (Bay of Alcúdia, Mallorca, Spain) 35. Anna Demetriou: Ancient Shipwreck Sites in the Eastern Mediterranean: Revealing the Fragments of Their Biographies in the Present
09:55-10:15 16. Nena Galanidou, Dimitris Sakellariou, Alexandra Zavitsanou, Grigoris Rousakis: Exploring the Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes of the Inner Ionian Sea Archipelago, Greece 36. Massimiliano Secci: Maritime Archaeological Management in Italy: Skeleton-first or Shell-first Construction?
10:15-10:35 17. Theotokis Theodoulou, Nikos Papadopoulos, Kleanthis Simyrdanis, Gialuca Cantoro: Geo-Archaeological Investigations at the Submerged Remains of Ancient Olous (Crete): Preliminary Results from 2015 37. Barbara Euser: A Strategic Protection Scheme for the Submerged Bronze Age Town at Pavlopetri
10:35-10:55 18. Gilad Shtienberg, Justin Dix, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Assaf Yasur-Landau, Joel Roskin, Revital Bookman, Nicolas Waldmann, Sariel Shalev, Dorit Sivan: Anthropogenic Overprints on Natural Coastal Aeolian Sediments: A Case Study from the Periphery of Ancient Caesarea, Israel 38. Katerina P. Dellaporta: From Jus Naufragii and Lex Rhodia to UNESCO 2001 Convention
10:55-11:15 19. George Papatheodorou, Maria Geraga, Nikolaos Georgiou, Dimitrios Christodoulou, Xenophon Demas, Martine Francis-Allouche, Nicolas Grimal: Marine Geophysical Implications in the Ancient Harbour of Byblos, Lebanon  
11:15-11:45 COFFEE BREAK 
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Lucy Blue
Venue: CFT01-108
Chairs Sturt Manning, Eleni Loizides
11:45-12:05 20. Christophe Morhange, Nick Marriner, David Kaniewski, Matteo Vacchi, Alexandra Bivolaru, Matthieu Giaime, Soumaya Trabelsi: The Geoarchaeology of Natural Hazards in Ancient Harbours 39. Carlos Jimenez, Katerina Achilleos, Louis Hadjioanou, Antonis Petrou: Understanding Life on the Pot: Marine Biofouling and Wreck-Site Formation Processes of the Kyrenia Shipwreck (Cyprus)
12:05-12:25 21. Mari Yamasaki: Cognitive Coastscapes in the Archaeological Context 40. Marios Konstantinos Vaziourakis, Angeliki Nikitidou, Maria Elissavet Thomadaki, Stella Demesticha, Chrysanthi Papadopoulou, Ioannis Iliopoulos, Spiros Sergiou, Pavlos Megalovasilis, George Papatheodorou, Maria Geraga: Studies on the Sedimentological Regime of the Mazotos Ancient Shipwreck, Offshore Cyprus
12:25-12:45 22. Emad Khalil: The Marsa Bagoush Research Project – MBRP 41. Ruth Shahack-Gross, Isaac Ogloblin, Assaf Yasur-Landau: Post-Depositional Underwater Processes in Ceramics Found in an Oxygenated Environment at the Byzantine Anchorage of Dor, Israel
12:45-13:05 23. Michal Artzy, Christophe Morhange, Amani Abu-Hamid, Mathieu Giaime, Harry Jol, Paul Bauman, Ann Killebrew, Jamie Quartermaine, Gloria López: Coastline, River Changes and their Effects on Anchorages / Harbours and Habitation Patterns: Akko (Israel) as an Example 42. Marina Šimičić: The Early Croatian Boats at Nin – Repair and Reconservation Begins
13:05-13:25 24. Ehud Galili, Jonathan Benjamin, Deborah Cvikel, Danni Rosenberg: Inundated Neolithic Villages on the Carmel Coast, Israel 43. Asaf Oron, Nili Liphschitz, Ehud Galili, Gideon Hadas, Benjamin Held, Raphael Linker, Robert Blanchette: Dead vs. Med.: Characterization of Waterlogged Wood Finds from the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean
13:25-14:30 LUNCH
Venue: CFT01-108
Chair Dorit Sivan
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Deborah Cvikel
14:30-14:50 25. Elias Spondylis, Vasiliki Ivrou: Metohi: An Underwater Middle Helladic Site in the Pagasitikos Gulf, Central Greece – Interaction Examined Under the Notion of Maritime Cultural Landscape 44. Peter B. Campbell, George Koutsouflakis: Evidence of Ancient Trade from the Fourni Archipelago, Greece
14:50-15:10 26. Konstantinos Vouvalidis, Georgios Syrides, Olga Koukousioura, Katerina Kouli, Georgia Karadimou, Panagiotis Tsourlos, Eleni Aidona, Domna Terzopoulou, T. Nathan Arrington, Marina Tasaklaki, F. Thomas Tartaron, Christos Domakinis: Locating Ancient Stryme in the Changing Palaeogeography of the Thracian Coast (North Aegean Sea, Greece) 45. Christos Agouridis, Myrto Michalis: The Arduous Voyage of Underwater Research during the Recovery of the LBA Shipwreck off the Islet of Modi
15:10-15:30 27. Mantha Zarmakoupi, Magdalini Athanasoula: The Delos Underwater Survey Project (2014-2016) 46. Xanthie Argiris: Two Shipwrecks from the Islands of Leipsoi and Arkioi
15:30-15:50 28. Michele Stefanile: Fishponds and Maritime Structures in the Roman villae maritimae: New Data from the Southern Latium Underwater Survey 47. Damian Robinson, Franck Goddio: Ship 11 from Thonis-Heracleion, Egypt: Boat Sacrifice in an Osirian Sacred Lake
15:50-16:10 29. Athena Trakadas: The Maritime Cultural Riverscape of Ports Along North Africa's Atlantic Façade 48. Carlo Beltrame: The Routes of the Marble: Transportation of White Marbles in the Mediterranean
16:10-16:30   49. Cristina Bazzano, Timmy Gambin, Roberto La Rocca: Mixed Cargoes in the Western Mediterranean during Late Antiquity: The 'Messina 1' Shipwreck
16:30-16:50 COFFEE BREAK
Venue: CFT01-108
Chair Julian Whitewright
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Carlo Beltrame
16:50-17:10 30. Aurora Higueras-Milena Castellano, Antonio Manuel Sáez Romero: An Embracing Seaport beyond the Pillars of Heracles: The Area of La Caleta (Cadiz, Spain) in Phoenician and Punic Times 50. Stella Demesticha: The Mazotos Shipwreck, Cyprus: A Preliminary Analysis of the Cargo
17:10-17:30 31. Linda Hulin, Senta German: Up from the Sea: Mariner Cultural Worlds in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean 51. Marie-Pierre Jézégou, Patrick Andersch Goodfellow, Jonathan Letuppe, Corinne Sanchez: A Wreck of Late Antiquity Discovered in a Bank of the Port Channel of Narbonne (France)
17:30-17:50 32. Christina Marangou: The Kastro Coastal Rock-cut Site (Myrina, Island of Lemnos): Metaphorical, Representational and Tangible Maritime Aspects 52. Mark E. Polzer: A Moveable Feast... Beyond the Maritime: The Phoenician Shipwreck at Bajo de la Campana and Implications for the Orientalising Process on the Iberian Peninsula
17:50-18:10 33. Shelley Wachsmann: The ploiaphasia/navigium isidis: A Possible Modern Continuation? 53. Maayan Cohen: The Maʻagan Mikhael B Shipwreck: Preliminary Report
18:10-18:45 Poster Session
Welcome RECEPTION kindly offered to all participants by the University of Cyprus
Venue: University Campus, Aglantzia, Nicosia. University House A.G. Leventis
 Sunday, 22 October
Venue: University Campus, Aglantzia, Nicosia
1. University House A.G. Leventis, Amphithteatre B108
2. Common Teaching Facilities, CFT01-108
09:20- 11:00
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Timmy Gambin
09:20-09:40 54. Crystal el Safadi: The Maritime World of the Early Bronze Age Levant through Space and Time
09:40-10:00 55. Duncan Howitt-Marshall: Mariners, Maritime Connectivity and the 'Ritual' of Sea Travel in Early Neolithic Cyprus
10:00-10:20 56. Ezra Marcus, Paula Waiman-Barak: Reconnecting the Maritime Levant at the Dawn of the Middle Bronze Age
10:20-10:40 57. Michele Massa: Pre-Middle Bronze Age Maritime Exchange Networks between the Aegean and the Levant: An Anatolian Perspective
10:40-11:00 58. A. Bernard Knapp: Piracy in the Late Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean?
11:00- 11:30 COFFEE BREAK
11:30- 13:10
Venue: CFT01-108
Chair Bernard Knapp
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Giulia Boetto
11:30-11:50 59. Gil Gambash, Paula Rut Zadok: Levantine Connectivities 73. Emmanuel Nantet: The Tonnage of the Syracusia. A Metrological Reconsideration
11:50-12:10 60. Anja Krieger: Making Connectivity Visible: A Study in Maritime Interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the Archaic Period 74. Mohamed Abd el-Maguid: Where to Situate the Abu Rawash Boat in the Corpus of Ancient Egyptian Boats
12:10-12:30 61. Aylin Güngör: Points of Intersection – 'Emporia' and Their Archaeological Remains 75. Kevin Melia-Teevan: A Study in Framing Development in the Mediterranean from the Ninth century BC through the Ninth Century AD
12:30-12:50 62. Enrique Aragón: Maritime Connectivity Network Analysis via a Case Study of the Metallic Assemblage from Rochelongue Shipwreck Site (eight-sixth century BC) West Languedoc, France 76. Christopher John Davey: The Development of the Roman Merchant Ship Sail-plan
12:50- 14:20 LUNCH
14:20- 16:00
Venue: CFT01-108
Chair Jon Henderson
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chair Cemal Pulak
14:20-14:40 63. Elisa Costa, Stefania Manfio, Sebastiano Tusa: Virtual Reality and Virtual Dives among Sicilian Marble Cargos 77. Deborah Cvikel: The Akko Tower Wreck, Israel: hull-construction report
14:40-15:00 64. Fabio Bruno, Loris Barbieri, Antonio Lagudi, Maurizio Muzzupappa, Sebastiano Tusa, Alessandro Cozza, Raffaele Peluso, Gerardo Ritacco: Enhancing Learning and Access to Underwater Cultural Heritage through Digital Technologies: The Case Study of Cala Minnola, Sicily 78. Giulia Boetto, Chiara Zazzaro, Pierre Poveda: A Preliminary Study of the Remains of Four Vessels Found in the Ancient Harbour of Naples, Italy
15:00-15:20 65. Isabelle Hairy: The Evolution of Survey Techniques on the Qaitbay Underwater Site at Alexandria, Egypt 79. Avner Hillman, Deborah Cvikel: The Construction of Ma'agan Mikhael II
15:20-15:40 66. Gunnar Liestøl, Elpida Hadjidaki: Experiences with Mobile Augmented Reality at Phalasarna. Combining the Present with the Past in situ 80. George Koutsouflakis, Eric Rieth: A Twelfth-Century Byzantine Shipwreck in the Port of Rhodes
15:40-16:00 67. Smiljko Rudan, Irena Radić Rossi: Numerical Simulation of the Sinking Ship Scenario, Based on the Archaeological Records 81. José L. Casabán, Irena Radić Rossi: The San Girolamo Shipwreck (1576): Preliminary Report on the Hull Design of a Sixteenth-Century Ragusan Nava
16:00-16:20 COFFEE BREAK
16:20- 18:00
Venue: CFT01-108
Chair Dimitrios Skarlatos
Venue: Amphithteatre B108
Chairs Laina Swiny, Justin Leidwanger
16:20-16:40 68. Nikos Papadopoulos, Gianluca Cantoro, Theotokis Theodoulou, Nasos Argyriou, Julien Beck: 'Dive' in the Past of Ultra Shallow Marine Archaeological Sites in Eastern Mediterranean through Geoinformatics 82. Jean-Yves Empereur: The Hellenistic Port of Amathus, Cyprus: Archaeology, History and Publication
16:40-17:00 69. Michel L'Hour, Daniela Peloso, Franca Cibecchini, Denis Degez, Vincent Creuze, Frédéric Osada, Christophe Leclerc: The 3D Technologies for the Archaeology in the Deep Sea: the Danton French Battleship (Cagliari, Italy) 83. Simon James, Lucy Blue, Ferréol Salomon: Investigations into the Ancient Port at Dreamer's Bay and the Maritime Environment of the Akrotiri Peninsula, Cyprus
17:00-17:20 70. William M. Murray: The RAM3D Database Project: A Web Portal for the Study of Ancient Mediterranean Warships and Ramming 84. John Leonard: Coves, Carobs and Ancient Commerce: Evidence for the Enduring Maritime Landscape of Cyprus' Northern Coasts
17:20-17:40 71. Jeremy Green, Patrick Baker: The University of Oxford, Research Laboratory for Archaeology Cape Andreas Expeditions 1969-1970, Working with Legacy Data 85. James Muhly: Cyprus and Mediterranean Trade in Copper Oxhide Ingots
17:40-18:00 72. Madeline McAllister: Seeing is Believing: The Rhetoric of Photogrammetric 3D Digital Models of Underwater Archaeological Sites 86. Michael Antonakis, Nikola Babucic, Sławomir Chwałek, Marcin Frączek, Tomasz Kalicki, Piotr Kusztal, Łukasz Miszk, Wojciech Ostrowski, Ewdoksia Papuci-Władyka, Martina Seifert, Weronika Winiarska: Paphos' Harbours revisited: Results of Interdisciplinary Research of the Paphos Agora Project
Monday, 23 October
Venue: Amphitheatre of the University of Cyprus Medical School (ΣΕΚΚΙ Β115)
09:20- 11:00
Chair Pascal Arnaud
09:20-09:40 87. Yannos G. Lolos, Angeliki Simossi: Salamis Harbour Project, 2016-2017
09:40-10:00 88. Tom Hillard, Lea Beness: Looking for the Harbour of Classical Torone: Underwater Exploration and Geophysical Prospection
10:00-10:20 89. Mustafa Koçak, Erkan Dündar: New Surveys at the Patara Harbor: An Overview on the Harbor Defense Systems
10:20-10:40 90. Kalliopi Baika, Dionysis Evangelistis, Jari Pakkanen: Underwater Excavations and Interdisciplinary Research in the Ancient and Medieval Harbour of Kyllene/Glarentza (NW Peloponnese, Greece): 2013-2015 Field Campaigns
10:40-11:00 91. Ross Thomas, Alexandra Villing: The Harbour of Naukratis, The British Museum Fieldwork 2012-2017
11:00- 11:30 COFFEE BREAK
11:30- 13:30
Chair Kalliopi Baika
11:30-11:50 92. Assaf Yasur-Landau, Ehud Arkin, Ayelet Gilboa, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Ilan Sharon: Underwater Excavations in the South Bay of Dor and the Development of Harbors in the Eastern Mediterranean
11:50-12:10 93. Thomas Schmidts: Ainos: A Harbour City and Hub in the Northern Aegean
12:10-12:30 94. Ida Koncani Uhač: Roman ports of Istria (Croatia)
12:30-12:50 95. Souen Fontaine, Mourad El-Amouri, Frédéric Marty, Corinne Rousse: The Submerged Monumental Complex of the Roman Harbour System of Fossae Marianae (Gulf of Fos, South of France)
12:50-13:10 96. Carlos Cabrera-Tejedor, Fernando Amores Carredano: The Two Ports Ishbiliyya (Islamic Seville) and their Islamic Shipsheds
13:10- 14:10 LUNCH
14:10- 16:30
Chair David Blackman
14:10-14:30 97. Robert L. Hohlfelder: Enhancing the Roman Imperial Maritime Infrastructure: Nero's Deeds and Dreams
14:30-14:50 98. Pascal Arnaud: Limen kleïstos: Fortified Ports and Their Evolution from the Peloponnesian War Down to the Age of Augustus
14:50-15:10 99. Simon Keay, Pascal Arnaud: Port, Place or Complex System? Rethinking Roman Mediterranean Ports in the Light of the Portuslimen (RoMP) Project
15:10-15:30 100. Michael R. Jones: The Rock-Cut Shoreline Features of Dana Island and the Maritime Landscape of the Taşucu Gulf, Rough Cilicia
15:30-15:50 101. Patricia Antaki-Masson: Fortified Crusader Harbours of the Syro-Lebanese-Palestinian Coast
15:50-16:10 102. Dan Mirkin, Deborah Cvikel, Oren Tal: Crusader Mooring: A View from Arsur (Israel)
16:10- 16:30 COFFEE BREAK
16:30- 17:15
Closing Remarks, Discussion
Chairs Lucy Blue, Stella Demesticha
Closing Reception
Venue: The House of Hadjigeorgakis Kornesios, Nicosia (map), kindly offered by the Department of Antiquities.
The reception is partly sponsored by Wiley, publisher of the International Journal of Nautical Archaeology for the Nautical Archaeology Society.
   POSTERS Saturday, 21 October and Sunday, 22 October
P1. Kalliopi Baika, Diamanto Rigakou, Garoufalia Metallinou, Andreas Vött, Peter Fischer, Claudia Finkler: Geoarchaeological Research in the Harbours of Ancient Korkyra (Corfu, Greece)
P2. Alyssa Pietraszek, Beverly Goodman-Tchernov, Dani Nadel, Oded Katz: Erosional Notches, Pits, and Potholes Offshore: Signs of Past Coastlines
P3. Chelsea Wiseman: Defining the Levantine Maritime Neolithic: GIS Analysis of a Maritime Cultural Landscape
P4. Areti Chalkioti: Maritime Landscapes of the Northeast Aegean: Coastal Evolution and Changing Boundaries
P5. Maria Geraga, George Papatheodorou, Christos Agouridis, Myrto Michalis, Heleni Kaberi, Margarita Iatrou, Dimitrios Christodoulou, Elias Fakiris, Michael Prevenios, Kordella Stavroula, George Ferentinos: Marine Geophysical Explorations in the Saronic Gulf, Greece: The Test Case of a LBA Wreck Site off Modi Islet
P6. Alexandra Zavitsanou, Dimitrios Sakellariou: Submerged Prehistoric Landscapes in the Aegean Sea
P7. Maja Čuka, Katarina Jerbić, Darko Komšo, Ida Koncani Uhač: Investigating Prehistory – A Multidimensional Approach to a Submerged Prehistoric Site in Croatia
P8. Adriana Fresina, Francesca Oliveri, Antonina Lo Porto: Havens of the Phoenicio-Punic Period in Western Sicily
P9. Federica Mazza: A Roman Fishery at Ardenza (Livorno, Italy)
P10. Alexandra Bivolaru, Valentin Bottez, Christophe Morhange: Istros (Black Sea coast, Romania) – A Geoarchaeological Perspective Regarding Harbor Locations
P11. Patrizia Petitti, Antonia Sciancalepore, Egidio Severi: The Underwater Settlement of Gran Carro (Lake Bolsena, Italy): New Research, 2012-2016
P12. Menna-Allah Abo El-Atta: Ship Anchors in the Mediterranean from the Bronze Age to the Middle Ages: An Analytical and Experimental Study
P13. Karl Abi Karam: Archaeotecture
P14. Mai Tarek Ghanem: Maritime Museums and Their Role in Preserving Cultural Heritage
P15. Massimiliano Secci: Underwater Archaeology and Legacy Photographic Data: Computer Vision Photogrammetry As a Means to Enable Archaeological Reinterpretation, Sustaining Archaeological Hermeneutics and Enabling the Enjoyment of Underwater Sites by the General Public
P16. Mohamed Ahmed Khedr: Treasure-Hunting and the Underwater Cultural Heritage
P17. Colin Breen, Lucy Blue, Kieran Westley, Nicolas Carayon, Wes Forsythe, Marianne O'Connor, Ruth Plets: Benchmarking Maritime Cultural Resources in Syria
P18. Veronica Ford, Cassy Cutulle: The 2015-2017 Kyrenia Ship Conservation Project: Approaches to the Preservation of Objects Associated with the Kyrenia Shipwreck
P19. Ivan Gorlov, Sergey Fazlullin: Attribution of Fragmented Archaeological Ceramics: A Geochemical Approach
P20. Elizabeth (Lisa) Briggs: DNA From the Wine-Dark Sea: Examining the Efficacy of Extracting Ancient DNA From the Ceramic Matrix of Pottery Vessels From Mediterranean Underwater Contexts
P21. Isaac Ogloblin, Amanda Holdeman, Ruth Shahack-Gross, Assaf Yasur-Landau: Combining the Use of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Thin-section Analysis to Study Underwater Materials From the North Bay of Dor, Israel
P22. Amir Bar: Geo-Archaeological Study of Rocks and Bricks From the Ninteenth Century Akko Tower Wreck, Israel
P23. Elias Spondylis, Yannos G. Lolos, Christina Marabea: A New Minoan Shipwreck From the Era of the Thalassocracy at Koulenti, Off the Laconian Coast of Southern Greece
P24. Wendy van Duivenvoorde: Anchoring the Kyrenia Ship: An Experimental Project to Reconstruct the Ship's Anchor
P25. Katerina Velentza: The Transport of Sculptures in the Ancient Mediterranean
P26. Cristina Bazzano, Roberto La Rocca: Underwater Archaeology in the Aeolian Islands: The 'Panarea 1' Shipwreck
P27. Michelle Creisher: The Amphoras of the Maʻagan Mikhael B Shipwreck, Israel
P28. Katarina Batur: Maritime Transport Containers in the Late Renaissance: Barrels and Casks From the Gnalić Shipwreck
P29. Eric Rieth, Franca Cibecchini, Hélène Botcazou: The Paragan Wreck: Preliminary Study of a Late Seventeenth/Early Eighteenth Century Ship From Corsica's Coast (Bonifacio, France)
P30. Omaima Ahmed Gamal El Bastawisy El Deeb: Amphoras and Maritime Trade in Egypt in Antiquity
P31. Moshe Bram: Bending of Wooden Planks in Ancient Shipbuilding
P32. Nathan Helfman: A Comparative Structural Analysis of Shell-first and Frame-based Ship Hulls of the First Millennium AD
P33. Carlos Cabrera-Tejedor: Ship Construction Details of the Mazarrón 1 Boat
P34. Alex Sabastia: The Mèdes 6 Shipwreck (France, First Century BC): An Example of Internal Stitching Technique in the Northwest Mediterranean
P35. Alba Ferreira Dominguez, Giulia Boetto, Frédéric Guibal: Identification of Wood Used in the Construction of the Two Horeiae-Type Vessels Toulon 1 and 2 (First Century AD, France)
P36. Gianni Caira: Frame-First and Framing-First Fishing Boats: A Phoenician Legacy?
P37. Carrie Fulton, Andrew Viduka, Sturt Manning: A Photogrammetric Assessment of the Late Bronze Age Anchorage at Maroni-Tsaroukkas, Cyprus
P38. Foteini Vlachaki, Christos Agouridis, Eleni Diamanti, Giorgos Farazis: Towards Spatio-Temporal 3D Visualizations of an Underwater Archaeolοgical Excavation: The Case of the Late Bronze Age Shipwreck of Modi
P39. Pere Ridao, Nuno Gracias, Irena Radić Rossi: The Methodology and Results of the AUV (Girona 500) Survey of the Present State of the Gnalić Shipwreck Site
P40. Marina Orts Ibañez: New Techniques For Container Studies: A 3D Reconstruction of the Amphora Cargo of the Heliopolis 2 Shipwreck (South France)
P41. Antonio Manuel Sáez Romero, Ricardo Belizón Aragón: Amphora Capacities and Standardization in the Punic West: A First Approach to the Transport Vessels Produced in the Bay of Cadiz (Sixth-First Century BC)
P42. Georgia Marina Andreou: Coastal Erosion: New Opportunities for Understanding the Cypriot Coastscape
P43. Magdalena Ausiayevich: The Maritime Landscape of Protaras-Paralimni (Cyprus) in Light of New Data From an Intensive Underwater Survey at Nissia Coves
P44. Lefkothea Papakosta: An Anchorage Beyond Its Anchors: The Maritime Landscape of Petounda Anchorage, Cyprus
P45. Katerina Mavromichalou, Maria Michael: The Tradition of Fishing and Fishing Gear on the Island of Cyprus
P46. Constantinos Nicolaou: Wooden Shipbuilding in Cyprus From the Late Nineteenth to Middle Twentieth Century: Significance, Problems and Protection
P47. Eugenia Loizou: Bronze Age Harbours in the Aegean: Towards a New Approach
P48. Vasiliki Ivrou: Late Bronze Age Harbours in Southwest Greece: Systems of Maritime Activity Through the Use of Maritime Cultural Landscape
P49. Ehud Galili, Baruch Rosen: Ancient Harbours, Anchorages and Marine Installations Along the Mediterranean Coast of Israel – Underwater and Coastal Research
P50. Chiara Maria Mauro: About the Meaning of Limen Kleistos During the Archaic and Classical Eras
P51. Hanna Hadler, Peter Fischer, Andreas Vött, Michael Heinzelmann: River Channel Palaeogeographies of the 'Fiume Morto' and the Ancient Harbours of Ostia (Italy)
P52. Marko Uhač, Ida Koncani Uhač, Giulia Boetto: The Port of Colonia Iulia Pola (Pula, Croatia) – 2013 Investigations
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